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The best of Gideon van Meijeren

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Gideon van Meijeren: 100% common sense

Many don't care much for politicians anymore. Not even with the FD.

But in this situation, what matters to me is whether someone has integrity in this situation because there is really only one thing that matters on which everything depends and that is that this absurd corona scam stops and we get out of this form of the EU.

Gideon van Meijeren of the Forum for Democracy is such a person who I believe has integrity. He has charisma and it seems that he also wants to change this political system and I believe him that he would never have entered politics if this hysteria had not arisen.

“Hugo de Jonge should be jailed!”, after which Hugo de Jonge literally turns his back on him. Already historic.

Looking back:



The room was empty while it was one of the most important debates of the year. Will corona become an A disease? No one cares about politics as it profoundly changes the lives of all of us. It is incomprehensible. Nearly 150 people who don't care about us.

But the Netherlands saw the debate…

Book not read

Here again the, already, classic. mark rutte has not read Schwab's book:



The arguments in the opinion pieces are astonishingly good.

Vrij Mens wrote a beautiful triptych in which he states that the virus does not exist and, as long as we keep talking about covid, we will never get out of this crisis because the corona fairy tale is maintained.

I agree. I do believe that the virus "corona" exists (watch this video well, it explains so much) but it is no longer a new virus. Covid19 is a name that was later given to that virus but we have been living with it for 20 years.

It is not a shadow of how it is presented to us and so it does not exist in that form.

You can read the triptych again here:

For part 1, click HERE. For part 2, click HERE.

You can download a PDF of the article HERE .

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