The great Corona Vaccination Debate: No reason to continue vaccinating


From Café Weltschmerz

Vaccination experts: “Now slow down with corona vaccinations”

The corona vaccination campaign is in full swing. The oldest age groups have now been massively vaccinated. Should we continue down this road? Or are there reasons to hold back?

In part 1 of the Great Corona Vaccination Debate, Martine Groeneveld and Karel Beckman talk to three experts: Prof. dr. Theo Schetters, immunologist and vaccination expert, with 40 years of experience in the vaccine industry; drs. Jan Huurman, doctor of Society and Health, ex-director of the National Institute for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention (NIGZ), ex-Inspector of Health Care on Curaçao; and Dr. ir. Carla Peeters, immunologist who worked for years as department head and project leader on vaccines at RIVM and as interim manager at the government and in the healthcare sector, and who now has her own company, COBALA Good Care Feels Better.

They answer questions such as: how effective are the corona vaccines, how long, how do they work exactly, what are the benefits and risks? Is it justified to directly or indirectly oblige people to take a corona vaccination? Is it useful and desirable to vaccinate low-risk groups, such as young people?

Despite differences of opinion on various aspects of the vaccinations, the three experts come to at least one unequivocal conclusion: we must now slow down. There is no good reason to continue vaccinating younger and younger people who hardly suffer from corona but are at risk if they are vaccinated. And certainly not to vaccinate young people and children.

Moreover, many millions of people now have antibodies because they have already had corona. There is no reason for them to be vaccinated anyway: they have lifelong immunity.

This is a conversation you won't be hearing in the mainstream media anytime soon. Criticism of vaccination policy is more or less taboo there.



In part 2 of the Debate, Groeneveld and Beckman talk to neurologist Drs. Jan Bonte, doctor of Society and Health and former director GGD Southeast Brabant Drs. Jan Vosters and general practitioner Drs. Frank Roodenburg.


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