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Intelligent lockdown: Rutte's blunt ax hits the heart of society

The virus is there, and it is killing older people, that's for sure. We do not know exactly on what scale and in what comparison. But on a very small scale and the average age shows that it is impossible for this to pose any danger to younger people. Statistically impossible. This will come true soon.

But it does come up through the numbers. And those are remarkable figures linked to other diseases and similar conditions in the past.

We all want to prevent the older people from contracting the Corona virus. Everyone wants the best for them and wants a good solution.

But the people need to keep an eye on the politicians, all the politicians, and see what's going on here.

We do not claim to have solved the puzzle here. We want you to check whether something is not entirely right here.

Politicians can also fall into a trap, resulting in all kinds of radical changes that no one in the Netherlands wants. Most politicians probably don't. But they become irreversible.

It is our duty to continue to report this in these times of one-sided news. No matter how angry some people will get at us. We don't just take everything for sweet cake.


Is that lockdown really that intelligent?

This must be one of the greatest world catastrophes in history in order to drastically and drastically curtail and even completely deprive people of their freedom.

Are these measures proportional? Is this really justified? 

These are the figures worldwide. (March 25, 2020)

These figures are based on the live count of:

81.218 infections of which 3,5% died
Total impact on the population of China: 3.281 dead - 0,0002% of the population. ( = 1.4 billion)

63.927 infections of which 8% died
Total impact on the population of Italy: 6.820 deaths - 0.009% of the population. (60.5 million)

35.714 infections of which 0.2% died.
Total impact on the population of Germany: 132 deaths - 0,0001% of the population. (82.8 million)

22.304 infections of which 1.6% died.
Total impact on the population of France: 860 deaths - 0,001% of the population. (67 million)

4.937 infections of which 2.4% died.
The total impact on the population of Belgium: 178 deaths - 0.0009% of the population. (11.4 million)

59.966 infections of which 1.2% died.
Total impact on the US population: 808 deaths - 0.0001% of the population. (327 million)

6.412 infections of which 5% died.
The total impact on the population of the Netherlands: 356 deaths - 0.001% of the population. (17.2 million)

395.694 infections of which 3.7% died.
The total impact on the world population: 19.772 deaths - 0.0002% of the population. (7.530.000.000 = 7.53 billion)

The number of deaths worldwide is approximately equal to the number of inhabitants of Urk. The number of infections worldwide so far to the city of Utrecht with about 350.000 inhabitants. Half of them have now been cured (source)

Fatalities worldwide are on average between 77 and 82 years old.

The vast majority had an underlying condition. (source)

Worldwide it is above 90% and in Italy it is even referred to as 99%.(source)

If true, only 1% dies directly from the effects of Corona in Italy and 10% worldwide. That would currently be less than 2.000 direct victims of the Coronavirus worldwide and 18.000 victims would already have had an underlying condition. Worldwide.

An average arises from peaks up and downs or a constant line around 78 and 81 years. Peaks upward are excluded with these averages, given human lifespan. So peaks down too, otherwise you won't get to this high average.


Our Public Health and Care speaks of an average of 2.000 deaths per year from influenza, calculated over the period 1999-2010.

This graph shows the OVERHEAD mortality from influenza in recent years. (source: Public Health and Care - RIVM)


Source: Statistics Netherlands and Public Health OVERDATE IN THE past 10 years due to influenza “However, these figures are an underestimate, because influenza is not always underlying cause of death. ” (CBS)


The past 10 years, except for 2014, we have had annual mortality due to the flu.

Last year, more than 2.600 more with a total of around 4.600 flu deaths. In the past 10 years, an average of 7.000 people have died during each season. This year's figures are not yet known or published.

In the 2017-2018 season there was even an excess mortality of over 9.000. More than 11.400 people died as a result of the influenza in one season in the Netherlands. There was a great shortage of ICs, especially in Brabant. (source) (source) (source)

However, the government, led by Rutte, has had more beds removed.

The vast majority of these deaths (96%) involved people over the age of 60. (source)
The mean age of fatalities from COVID19 is 79,5 years.(source)

Under Mark Rutte, nearly half of the IC beds have been cut while the population is growing.

There were 1.900 intensive care beds, but Rutte had 700 beds removed.

Beds per 1.000 inhabitants

In Germany, the number of beds per 1000 inhabitants is 8,1.
In France 6,1
In Belgium 5,1
In Britain 3,6



The 2018 crisis was not widely reported by the press and government, while there was a record number of flu deaths in the Netherlands. 11.400 people died from the effects of the Influenza during the 2017/2018 season.

Theoretically, if we quarantine every year, we could significantly reduce the number of deaths from the flu. But we don't do that. For no virus. People no longer have life and more importantly, the aftermath of a quarantine creates trauma for society. Society is changing drastically.

Nor are we going to “count” flu victims in the media, let alone confront everyone on a daily basis. This would create a great fear among the population for the Influenza and people will avoid each other.

When the government decides to lockdown, the government knows the consequences.

People are pitted against each other and groups of people are hunted to disobey.  A great distrust towards each other arises. Economically, the problems are enormous and many people will, as a logical consequence, get into depression or get other (health) problems.

Citizens' freedoms are severely restricted by their own government and freedom to walk outside becomes a criminal offense. Soldiers and drones are needed to release civilians to obey and you are punishable if you want to continue to use your full freedom of movement.

Even after such a lockdown, the differences in opinion persist and the polarization in society is increasing.

“When we have a virus that has caused slightly less than 3 fatalities worldwide within 20.000 months, of which more than 90% already have an underlying condition with an extremely high average age of 79.5 years, it is then proportional to the entire population. to close?"

For comparison. According to the WHO, between three and five million people get infected with influenza flu every year. (source)
There are annually between 250.000 and 500.000 victims with an average age of around 65 years.

A lockdown was chosen.

This is, according to the government, the worst thing that can happen to a country. So much so that an entire country has to give up its freedom. The media has prepared the population for it and ultimately the population itself asks for confinement due to the fear images that are presented to them. And how did it get there?

The media stirs up a lot of fear in people every day by showing images of body bags, mouth masks, ICs, and other nasty images 24 hours a day. Every death is reported. This is misleading information, and what good is this overload of terrifying information without reasonable comparison and knowledge?

It is also unfair to bother the population day in and day out with overcrowded ICs via the media, which are partly a result of our own policy. See the winter of 2018 and how nothing was done about it afterwards. The media was virtually invisible compared to now. This also applies to the government.

Mark Rutte, however, complimented the press on their performance during the Corona debate of March 18, 2020 in the House of Representatives.

The Prime Minister addressed the Netherlands with the message that this will affect everyone. This speech is clear. There is a deadly virus among us. We all have to deal with it and the only possible solution is a complete lockdown. Mark Rutte washes his hands clean by standing behind the scientists.

The collective fear takes on serious forms and is fed by the media 24 hours a day. In no way can one escape the indoctrination of the press and frightening the media. It is programmed in everyone. Fear, death and destruction. How can this be a good solution for any reason?

Is it really justifiable to lock up the entire world because of, so far, a virus that has affected 20.000 people worldwide? The number of inhabitants of a village? Of which 90% already had an underlying condition? With an average age of 78-81 years? The vast majority of which heals again?

Why are fewer people dying in countries that do not take measures?

In 2009, 350.000 young people succumbed to swine flu. Obama was praised for keeping calm. How does that compare to this virus?

Is something not right here or are we really dealing with the biggest and most dangerous virus outbreak ever and is it a virus that is going to do crazy things in the long term that we don't yet see? Or does the government know more?

To get an even better view of the situation, read the contribution of Mathematics Editor and news editor Arnout Jaspers:

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Spanish flu at the end of the First World War killed 50 million people.
That was 10% of the total 500 million sick.

1957-1958 the Asian flu came around the corner. 1,1 million children and young adults died of this.

In 1968-1969 the Hong Kong flu 1 million people under 40 died from this.
These were people who had not become resistant and had not built up immunity from a previous flu pandemic.

The Russian flu spread around 1977, bringing with it an unknown number of young deaths.

In 2009, 350.000 young people succumbed to swine flu.

And two years ago, 900.000 people were deathly ill from the Dutch flu, of which 1% actually gave the pipe to Maarten.


Meanwhile, Albania has been given the green light. Negotiations to join the EU start. Albania which is thoroughly corrupt and where 56.7% are Muslim. The Netherlands will cooperate with that ??

The European Union wants to use telecom data in “fight against Corona”The European Union wants to know where you are. Sorry? (source)

"... gather from hundreds of millions of Europeans to map out where they are ...". Excuse me??

India traps 1.3 billion people? With 10 deaths ??


director WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, 

“There will be 300.000 infections shortly. Let all stop! ”,

He sows FEAR among the world's population. But half has already been cured! 

This is brought here as breaking news by all media:

A flu virus affects between 2.5 and 5 MILLION people who die between 250.000 and 500.000. They are their own numbers:

This man, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, is calling on ALL NATIONS to pull out ALL STOPPES. And the European Union is going along with that, folks. Merkel, Macron. These people are the cover of a very dirty pit.


Come to reflect, the Netherlands. All countries adopt this policy. The EU can also go ahead with this and it happened in a flash. Note the United States. How it is handled there.

"We can't let the cure be worse than the problem."
"The solution must not get worse than the problem."


Pieter Lakeman

“The panic that has broken out about the Corona virus is due to the policy of the Rutte government. In a few years' time, the capacity of intensive care was almost halved due to cutbacks. Lack of capacity will cause many victims. ”

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