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The broad social discussion.

If there is one thing that the Dutch population has been screaming about for years, it is the broad social discussion, the Balkenende cabinets already anxiously ignored it, but the Rutte cabinets did not care at all, while clearly very important play business,
for example, implementing an emergency law without any participation from the population, is perfectly at home in the former GDR, but not in a country such as the Netherlands and the practices that farmers are now adopting through the policies of Minister Carola Schouten are simply criminal, this Christian Union pig is currently still lucky that the majority of the population may not yet know what it's all about, but among those who do, there will be some who would support this animal politically to slaughter.

How corrupt and political rotten our Dutch legal system has become, is clear from the political Wilders + process, or from summary proceedings that brought the VirusWaanzin group in summary proceedings, but in fact the abuses have become too numerous to to name all of you, who for eighteen years of political treason, which sees the rotten process of a politics that does not want to serve the population, which sees us as stupid voting, will undoubtedly lose all control and control at some point, perhaps it will false minister Ollongren will even manage to sow panic for a second wave, to spread the fear that there will be a postponement, but then it is best to grab her broom to fly up quickly , so as not to end up on the witch's dare.

The part of the population that is now awake is growing steadily, we see protests everywhere and the panic among the politicians who have made a mistake is increasing, the politicians still have the chance to save their lives, so a very good alternative to this is the broad social debate, but the arrogance of the power thinks that by deploying reservists from the army, police and ME they can still keep everything under control, but we see that this no longer works, because there is a solidarity is going to arise in people who used to work as loners, it is still early, but more and more people, who you can certainly not call the first the best, are clenching their fists to the established order!

Of course CommonSenseTV has not missed this either and we are no longer an insignificant player, very soon we will launch by means of a petition, the opportunity to speak out for or against a vaccination against Covid-19.
That should be a free choice, without blackmail that you do not carry pop concerts, football matches or by plane, a vaccination passport is just too ridiculous for words, your medical data is your data and not the state, because that is dictatorship !
Pump Hugo de Jonge but full of the untested junk he buys now, we at least demand a well-tested vaccine, if necessary!

We think this madman is completely incapable of deciding for us, it is our body and not his body, we have nothing to do with Kill Bill Gates and henchmen, who see a huge revenue model in vaccinations, while more and more resources and technical solutions are emerging to deal with this possibly even virus, there is a huge battle that is still quite invisible, but step by step we are making a profit and get vaccinated, while there are plenty of alternatives, who will soon ban the Bill Gates shit?
That is why the petition will be published very soon: "No compulsory Covid-19 vaccination!"

Everyone should of course be free to choose whether or not to opt for this, but since our cabinet and in particular Minister Hugo de Jonge wants to compel us to do so through blackmail, we feel that a petition has become a necessity.
We are talking here about a virus that is comparable to a flu virus, which has been processed to achieve a higher infection and that can be very well eliminated with alternatives, this is not a pandemic, not a killer virus and the one and a half meters society is a farce, this is a disgusting business model of pharmaceuticals, big pharma that are much worse than this virus!

Since this cabinet shuns the broad social discussion like the plague, we will have to make our own decisions, if you join the petition, we can make clear to Hugo de Jonge and his brother Marien once and for all that we are completely done with the lockdown, with the one and a half meter society, with the emergency law and with this backward cabinet, so sign the petition and participate!

This does not only appear on this website, it is an official petition, so pass it on to all friends and acquaintances, the more signatures, the bigger fist we can make to this government, thank you for your attention.

Chris Collard.



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