Haarp in Germany? Even more electromagnetic fields (EMF) in the environment? Just across the border at De Heurne? An environment that does not adhere to borders and to which electrosensitive people across the border in the Netherlands react physically? Is it this EMV that partly give me the physical complaints? Besides all antennas for 2G, 3G, 4G and testing 5G? Besides all smartphones, iPads, WiFi and wireless technology for the Internet of Things (IoT)? I can't find really good information about it. Here is an attempt of what can be found on the internet.

Nature reserve Diersfordter Wald
The Diersfordter Wald nature reserve lies between the cities of Hamminkelen and Wesel in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It includes the areas of the natural gems the Großes Venn, Schnepfenberg and Schwarzes Wasser. In between is an ammunition depot *, which in 2009 the federal government decided to convert the former ammunition depot * in the middle of the Diersford forest into a radio transmission system. The area in the Diersfordterbos was therefore reinforced with double fences and barbed wire coils because the radio transmission center in Uedem could not be expanded.

* The former Wesel-Diersfordt ammunition depot, near the Great Peat, with the address Bislicherwald 4, 46499 Hamminkeln, was a nuclear weapons depot in the Diersford district, 8 kilometers west of Wesel and 3 kilometers south of Hamminkeln. The nuclear warheads were intended for the 150 missile artillery battalion, which was stationed in the Schill barracks, Wesel. The camp was cleared around 1991. The German Air Force's Combined Air Operations (CAOC 2) ** in Uedem was reactivated as CAOC again in 2013.

** CAOC Uedem is responsible for planning, directing, coordinating, supervising, assessing and reporting air operations of all assigned assets in peacetime, crisis and conflict in both static and deployed environments, as ordered by the NATO Air Commander at Ramstein. In addition, CAOC Uedem will liaise with appropriate land and naval forces and ensure coordination between national and NATO agencies while conducting sky police in the assigned air police area. CAOC Uedem offers Commander Allied Air Command Ramstein the tools to perform near real-time air force management. With the closure of the CAOC 2 Detachment on February 28, 2010, CAOC Uedem has taken over its responsibilities for deployable capacity.

Hamminkeln and Wesel
The town of Hamminkeln is located in the lower Lower Rhine region in the northwest of the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia and in the Kreis Wesel. The city of Wesel is the capital of Kreis Wesel and the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Wesel is a German historic fortified town on the banks of the Rhine and the distance to Hamminkeln is about 10 kilometers. The tourist route goes along or through Diersfordt and the Diersfordterwald.



March 2018 Facebook
In 2020, Google maps will indicate that the: US DEU HAARP ENGINEERING is located in the Diersfeltbos, between Wesel and Hamminkelen. You can see that there are around twenty large antennas.

The facebook site of HAARP Germany
On facebook in 2020 you can read under info: “Offizielle Seite Von HAARP Germany and WIR machen das Wetter. Welcome to the official website of HAARP Germany - your weather service provider.

The name HAARP stands for High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. Officially this is an American civil and military research program that uses high-frequency electromagnetic waves. According to the official presentation, this is done to study the upper atmosphere as well as radio wave propagation, communication and navigation. Of course, the operation of this facility also offers enormous potential for global manipulations, such as weather manipulation and consciousness manipulation. So far, no side effects of HAARP have been documented, except for isolated cases of athlete's foot, Morgellons, and mental disorders such as conspiracy madness and Kruger thinning. However, there is no danger to the population. HAARP is safe, clean and effective ”.

It can be read, but it plays into the hands of the counterparts so clearly that I think it is a provocation. But it is there on the facebook site and the masts can be seen on google maps. What are they for? Are those radio waves scattering in the highest regions or microwaves or infrared waves? Can I feel that in De Heurne? Or is it from the Holterhoek military camp near Eibergen, which I always thought. Holterhoek is 32,1 kilometers north of the Heurne and Hamminkelen 27,9 kilometers south of the Heurne.

What does HAARP stand for
The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) is an American military and civilian research institute in Alaska that conducts research into the ionosphere. This research focuses, among other things, on high-frequency electromagnetic radiation or radiation from the ionosphere, causing it to be temporarily deformed locally.

The aim of this project is to further advance the knowledge of the physical and electrical properties of the Earth's ionosphere * that may affect military and civilian communication and navigation systems. The program started in 1990 and the HAARP research station is located 8 miles north of Gakona, Alaska. The facility consists of an HF transmitter and scientific observation instruments. Since 2007, there are 180 high frequency (HF) crossed dipole antennas spread over 33 hectares divided into:
-VHF (very high frequent) from 30 to 300 MHz;
-UHF (ultra high frequency) from 300 MHz to 3 gigahertz (GHz);
-SHF (super high frequency) from 3GHz to 30 GHz.

Between 2003 and 2006, new instruments were added to the facility, including a UHF ionospheric radar ** and a telescopic dome for optical observations

* The ionosphere starts at about 60 to 80 km altitude and extends above 500 km altitude. There are free electrons and ions in the ionosphere that radio waves can interact with. HAARP radio waves heat the electrons and create small perturbations similar to the kind of interactions that take place in nature. Natural phenomena are random and are often difficult to observe. With HAARP, scientists can determine where and when the disturbances occur, so that they can measure their effects. In addition, they can repeat experiments to confirm that the measurements really show what researchers think they are doing.

** Ionispheric or over-the-horizon radar (or BTH = behind-the-horizon radar) in the frequency range 3 to 30 megahertz (MHz).

Van 1990 tot 2020
Between 1990 and 2014, HAARP was a jointly managed program of the United States Air Force (USAF) and the United States Navy. The research facility was transferred from the United States Air Force to the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) on August 11, 2015, allowing HAARP to continue to explore ionospheric phenomenology through a land use and research collaboration agreement.

To provide UAF authority and management control, a research and development collaboration agreement (CRADA) was drawn up. CRADAs are unique agreements that provide access to extensive publicly funded resources that can be leveraged to achieve powerful results. It is common for government agencies to transfer ownership of research equipment to universities for continued support of science.

HAARP remains the world's most capable radio-frequency transmitter for ionosphere study with a world-class ionospheric research facility. In addition to the high-frequency (HF) antennas, an ionospheric research instrument, the ionospheric Research Instrument (IRI), a powerful radio transmitter that works in the highest frequency range of the radio waves (microwave and infrared radiation) has been added. The IRI is used to temporarily excite a limited area of ​​the ionosphere.

Also includes an advanced array of scientific or diagnostic tools that can be used to observe the physical processes taking place. Such as very high frequency (VHF) and ultra high frequency (UHF), radar has a fluxgate magnometer (for geomagnetic fields), a digisonde (an ionospheric sounding device), and an induction magnetometer.

Multiple places
Several stations have already been set up. The US has three fixed areas of research; two in Alaska, and one in Puerto Rico. In addition, a mobile in Greenland. The Russians have at least one in Novgorod. And probably more. And the EU / NATO has one in Northern Norway. Furthermore, there are probably already transmitting stations in the Sahara, and India and China are also working on these techniques. If you bring these into vibration with each other, you bring the earth into an electromagnetic resonance that shuts us off completely from the cosmos.

Also in Germany areas are in use for HAARP, only not with the official name “HAARP” but instead these are antenna fields that are 'hidden' at institutes that do astrophysical or atmospheric research. Or you can find them at military facilities, which are no longer part of the country, but under NATO sovereignty.

The Schill Barracks, Wesel
Wesel is located east of Hamminkeln and is the capital of Kreis Wesel in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Wesel lies on the river Rhine, situated between the Ruhr area and the Dutch border at Bocholt-Dinxperlo. In Wesel, 15 minutes away to the east, from the US DEU HAARP ENGINEERING, is the Schill barracks where besides land, air and sea and the fourth dimension cyberspace has been added to the armed forces. The cyber systems of the Bundeswehr include:
-the tertrapol. TETRAPOL Bw Bundeswehr is a digital cellular radio system. The system allows the use of various voice and data services, including a group call or a short data transfer;
-A long range terrestrial transmission system. The task of the terrestrial transmission system (TÜtrSys terrestrial transmission system) is to establish connections in the communication system between the network nodes for the Bundeswehr operations and to connect important equipment to them. The terrestrial transmission system allows the simultaneous operation of up to three microwave links with frequencies from 1.350 megahertz (MHz) to 5.000 MHz. (Band III and IV). Special routers guarantee not only future-proof, but above all multicompatible connectivity with other systems and networks. Correct placement of the antenna is particularly important to get the most out of the transmission range;
-SATCOMBw: A flexible and fast to use communication system. The main pillar of dispatch in and out of the camps is the Bundeswehr's satellite communications system (SATCOMBw). At an altitude of 36.000 kilometers, the satellites COMSATBw-1 and COMSATBw-2 associated with the system are in geostationary orbit. As counterparts on Earth, the Bundeswehr uses groundable SATCOMBw system stations in different versions to transfer video files, voice data or other data from the country of use to the home country;
balloons to measure and send aerological data. Aerology is a sub-science of meteorology. It deals with the conditions and processes in the free atmosphere. The Bundeswehr Geographic Information Service also has weather probe balloons that probe the air layers. They measure the physical parameters air pressure, temperature, humidity, wind direction and wind speed.

The Uedemer Hochwald (even called Hochwald) is a 9,5 km² wooded area of ​​the Rhine and lies almost entirely in the municipality of Uedem in Cleves west of Xanten, east of Marienbaum and south of Hamminkeln. In the eastern part of the forest is an airspace surveillance radar system where NATO uses the Hughes HR-3000 radar, an air defense radar, also known as HADR (Hughes Air Defense Radar). The radar reaches a detection range of at least 329 kilometers and the instrumented range is 500 kilometers. The HADR antenna subsystem consists of a series of antenna elements (phases array) and has a frequency range in the F-band. *

* F band. The NATO F band has radio frequencies in the microwave radiation from 3.000 megahertz (MHz) to 4.000 MHz (4 gigahertz) with wavelengths between 10 and 7,5 cm and pulse repetition rate

The mobile HAARP Antenna always provides beautiful weather during events
From 2018, the first mobile HAARP Antenna was put into use during an Easter event in Maastricht. The mobile HAARP antenna uses radio waves at high frequencies and the electrons and ions in the ionosphere can be manipulated so that no rain can fall locally. The technology has been extensively tested for years and can now be used at large events.

For rent
This mobile HAARP antenna is for rent and the rental price is high rental price of € 1.042.018 excl. VAT.
Fortunately, all meetings and festivals where they want good weather have been canceled due to the corona virus. Fortunately for the electrosensitive and fortunately for the non-electrosensitive, because a small part of the population of these techniques has already been disabled and the rest will follow in the long run. Life on earth is made impossible by human hands.