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The Colonization of North America: A Non-Genocide

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In the discussion about population, the right and left sides often argue:

“Yes, but look what the Europeans did to the peoples of North America. What is happening with immigration now is what we deserve ”

Here we go again… claims that Europeans have ethnically cleansed an entire continent, based on false claims about the size of the Amer-Indian population and a lack of historical awareness.

Let's start with the pre-1500 population of North America: “Some claims speak of 7-18 million inhabitants, but most studies cluster around 2-2.5 million. Considering the hunter-gatherers of most Indians, around 2.4 million is the most realistic, ” said Ryan Faulk.
In other words, 0.1 inhabitants / km ^ 2: In other words, you could wander there for weeks without meeting an Indian.

Secondly, since the invention of agriculture, farmers have been crowding the local hunter-and-gatherer areas because farmers are better able to feed more of their own people per square kilometer than a non-farmer.

The process of farmers' repopulation has already begun in the Middle East around 10.000 BCE, as a result of which hunters-and-gatherers were oppressed by the ancestors of the Hittites, Babylonians and the ancient Egyptians. Exactly the same process took place in (almost) unpopulated North America after 1492.

Of the Amerindians, only the Mayas, Aztecs and Incas have not been populated because they already had "densely populated" agricultural societies.
Third, the population of the North American Indians shrank, from 1500 to 1850, from 2.4 million to 401.000. That is a shrinkage of 0,23% / year, a shrink rate that is slower than contemporary Eastern European countries, not really a genocide. Most of the contraction of the Indian population was the result of mixing with European newcomers.

Fourth: Do the North American Indians have it historically so bad compared to other hunter-gathering groups in history?

No. Most of the hunter-gatherer tribes on Earth have been completely overrun or exterminated, while the current Amerindian descendants have been given their own reservations (Ethnostats), have access to affirmative action programs to address socio-economic backwardness and have created a revenue model. from Blanke Gutmenschen.

Ompopulation, a normal term in science. The extreme right in society.

Article about the hilarity surrounding the word: surrounding:

Two months in prison and a fine for immigration criticism

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