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Pfizer CEO himself sounds the alarm: Dangerous!

What if a recently retired Pfizer boss himself warns that these vaccines are life-threatening?

What more do people want to be confirmed before they realize that vaccination is life-threatening and completely unnecessary?

Making the media out of Michael yeadon and other experts direct conspiracy theorists. Literally the same day that an expert makes a negative statement about corona or about the vaccines, he or she is immediately a conspiracy theorist and the fact-checkers who shout "False" come from the rooftops. Without any substantiation and knowledge, the heroes are suddenly “anti-vaxxers” or “conspiracy theorists” according to our fact-checkers who have no clue. How superficial. Not so crazy. Their job is just to remove all the negativity surrounding the vaccines and corona. Not "fact checking". Take a look at the man's resume. (source)

What do the media think? And those fact checkers? That this man with 23 years of experience suddenly “lost his way”? This man has nothing against vaccines in general. He has been doing research for years and applauds good vaccines.

People with a bit of common sense should really start ringing alarm bells now.

Experts on the coming threat

The Daystar Television Network (commonly referred to as Daystar Television, often abbreviated to Daystar) is an American evangelical Christian religious television network owned by the Word of God Fellowship, founded by Marcus Lamb in 1993. 

The network reaches more than 108 million homes in the US through all major cable companies and satellite systems. Globally, Daystar reaches more than 2 billion viewers in every country around the world every day. Daystar is the fastest growing faith-based television network in the world. (source)

And let this network have just started a campaign to bring out the truths about the so-called covid19 virus and its vaccines. uncensored.. (source)


Recently retired Pfizer boss: “Perilous!”

In this recent 2-episode subtitled series, the recently retired Pfizer boss comes out about the contents of the various covid vaccines.

DANGEROUS is his conclusion. And who better to know than the manufacturer itself?

This one, by the American Charismatic Christian TV station Daystar made, series has ensured that they are also censored on all social media.

Yet they give extra gas with which they continue their decades-long excellent reputation 'to put at stake', for the mainstream media. subtitled these videos and we are very grateful for that. Class.

Orphan resistance:

“Send this video directly to your GP, local hospital and everyone in your circle of friends and family. Put it on a USB stick, burn it to DVD (available to order here soon)
or come up with another way to share it. THIS IS VITAL.”

This is part I


Be the Resistance translates many important videos. Put them in your favorites.


Mainstream media network tackles corona and vaccine lies


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