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The surrender of Sweden to Islam!

The fall of Sweden

Sweden has always been regarded as one of the safest countries in the world. With jealous prosperity.

But that Sweden no longer exists.

In a relatively short time of left globalist policy, the country has completely collapsed. The Sweden, which had been built up over centuries into the beautiful country it was, has perished and been irreversibly Islamized thanks to this Swedish globalist.

The government itself is actively contributing to this and the citizen is being silenced with great dedication.

If, after reading this piece, you still do not see what awaits us if we continue with this elite and this EU, then they simply cannot be reasoned.

Premier Stefan Lofven has completely deliberately flooded his country with immigrants from high-risk groups. This is the plan as it was conceived in advance. 

The country places wild alien seekers above its own citizens in all areas. The consequences are disastrous.

In addition, one should never disclose the ethnic background of criminals in Sweden. Not in either Lexbase, the database of Sweden with all convicted criminals. This makes it impossible to investigate which people of which origin commit the most crime. There is a reason for that law.  (source)

In order to circumvent this dictatorial measure, one then investigates the percentage of criminals who bear the name Ali or Ahmed. The figures are as expected  (source)

An absurd measure that can never belong in a democracy.

Violence in Swedish society has increased so dramatically in recent years that there is open talk of a coming civil war. (source)

Sweden is a vast and sparsely populated country with less than 10 million inhabitants. Everything happens mainly in the cities where the majority of the Swedish population lives.

These are the crime rates of Sweden from 2019. 

  • 8.350 registered rapes (+ 6% compared to 2018)
  • 257 bombings. (+ 60% compared to 2018)
  • 2480 child robberies. (+ 31% compared to 2018)


Source of figures:

These numbers are like that disproportionate that another word for fitting word still needs to be invented to describe its seriousness.

If your child takes to the streets alone, it is more likely in Swedish cities that he will be robbed than he will not be robbed.

The opposition parties blame the government for being lax. The rise in crime goes hand in hand with the arrival of mass immigration.

Everyone knows that, but the Prime Minister of Sweden Stefan Lofven it recently denied glass hard.

Stefan Lofven: No connection between rising violence and migration!

Until a few weeks later the polls showed that the patriots are also the largest party in Sweden. Suddenly the same Lövfen wants to drastically reduce the number of refugees. But saying something like this after seeing the above figures and stories below is downright criminal. The harm has long been done (source) Moreover, they are lies. These people adhere to a certain sick ideology. Namely globalism. 

Globalism does not allow you to shut yourself off from mass immigration. 

Islam and Globalism are quite similar in that regard.

What is happening in Sweden is pure globalism.

What happens when you criticize migration and its consequences in Sweden? Or have an unsalted opinion about immigration because you have to deal with it every day and you can only walk in the street with fear? Where your children have a greater chance of being robbed than not? Where as a young woman you can say with almost 100% certainty that you will be raped when you go out on the street alone at night?

Then you pay or go to jail! It is the absurd reality.


53-year-old Swede sentenced

A 53-year-old Swede was convicted of one 'hate crime'. The offense was to discuss the threatening video: "We are going to take over your f#cking country. ”of this Muslim in the photo.

The video is a direct threat to the country of Sweden because of this mens.

"We Arabs are here to take over your fucking country so get on your knees and suck my dick, you Swedish little whore!" was the threat of this monster on Facebook.

The Swede responded on Facebook in a group called: “Political Factn ".

He wrote: "Disgusting Arab bastard, get out of here."

Subsequently, the 53-year-old man was reported to the police who subsequently called him and wanted to be interrogated about his vision of mass immigration. He was fined for his opinion. He was forced € 2.000 to pay because of "Hate speech against a protected group." 

The court found that the man addressed his words to all Arabs and not to the individual himself. Even after appeal, the man was found guilty. The fine was slightly lower, around € 1600, but it became mandatory € 75 transfer to it Victims of the Crime Fund. (source)

70-year-old Swedish woman sentenced

Last year became one 70-year-old Swedish woman interrogated by the police, and later sentenced.

This is because of a post on Facebook in which she expressed her fear that Islam is taking over the world.(source)(source) (source)

“I am against the fact that they are bad towards women. We see so many Muslims coming. I meant that women are beaten. I'm afraid of that. ” she told the police.

The 70-year-old woman was sentenced to 40 fines. 120 crowns daily. Around € 11.50 a day for 40 days. (source)

65-year-old Swedish woman sentenced

A 65-year-old woman, who was previously beaten by a group of migrants with severe violence, was also convicted of posting that "The average IQ in Sweden is falling due to immigration." 

Convicted Christina and her lawyer for IQ ruling

She was sentenced to 3 months in prison. (source) (source)

32-year-old Swedish woman sentenced to prison

A 32-year-old Swedish woman from Gothenburg was arrested and questioned. DNA was even taken. What was the crime?

Sharing a joke about Islam on Facebook(source) (source)

This joke cost a 32-year-old Swedish woman 2 years in prison

Punishment: Two years in prison

70-year-old woman in court for reporting arson by immigrants

Earlier in 2017, a 70-year-old Swedish woman was released Dalarna dragged to court because of "Hate speech". She openly told that she had seen immigrants again, as usualjk cars were set on fire. Something that happens regularly in Sweden. (source) (source) (source)

The woman was fined for a hefty fine "Expressing contempt for refugees." 

91-year-old man convicted of "low comments" about Muslims and frequent inbreeding

It was estimated by the court Kristianstad that the posts of the man were read by about 12.000 people and therefore the elderly man received a (due to his age conditional) penalty of two months and a fine of converted € 650. (source)(source) The man said that, despite all the goodwill in the world, he could no longer call this people because of the non-stopping inbreeding.

The left activist paid by tax money "The Online Hate Speech Monitor" started a hype on Facebook about this elderly person. They called the man “Oldest Swedish hate monger ever.

Speaking of hate speech ... (source)

A 70-year-old man from Uddevalla called Somalis lazy and work shy.

The man wrote that Somalis "Being too lazy to work in this world." referring to the 20% unemployment rate among Somalis.

He was sentenced with a heavy fine for “Derogatory action towards Somalis”. (source)

70-year-old man from Gothenburg sentenced

In August 2017, a 70-year-old Swedish man named a group of Muslims APEN. He was sentenced to pay a hefty fine. (source)

There is a lot of investment in condemning white Swedes for “hate speech.” Incidentally, no Muslim has ever been convicted of hate speech towards the Swedes. (source)

Every year the EU gives SEK 7,5 million to Sweden to tackle this kind of 'hate crime'.

And this is really just a very small selection of what is happening in Sweden. And not only in Sweden ...

This is globalism!

Let us hope that these summaries will finally open the eyes of certain people by seeing a pattern.

More results from globalism in Sweden:

Two migrants arrested for stabbing:

Elders evicted from apartment, asylum seekers inside

All the violence from immigrants. “Doesn't hurt me!”, Minister of Justice in Sweden.

Drag-Queen hour for the kids:

Four migrants raping 13-year-old girl:

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