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The Court of Appeal in Brussels recognizes dismal corona policy

Anxiety becomes a habit, and habit a depression ... The measures kill.

The Belgian variant of Virus madness (Virus Truth in the Netherlands for some time now) has achieved an important victory in court, according to Xander news. The Court of Appeal in Brussels has ruled that it cannot interfere with the advice of the virologists and the measures taken by the government. It must first substantiate this better and create a legal framework for it. The statement of the citizens that controlling Covid-19 is an illusion, and that the focus should be on the patients at risk, the most vulnerable, the court calls 'plausible'. The Belgian government must now substantiate why this (only logical) course is not chosen.

It is very important that the Court of Appeal recognizes that there is a 'battle of experts', and that the opponents of government policy therefore have valid arguments. Just like in the Netherlands, opponents in the Belgian media are always ridiculed or denounced.

The Belgian Court now states that the government must come up with better substantiation for the lockdown / social distancing policy, because there is no scientific evidence that this policy works. 'The result is that the enforcement of measures is jeopardized', states

'If politicians continue to capitulate to the virologists, our democracy becomes a virocracy, in which every pleasure is sacrificed in the fight against a virus' - 'Life is marginalized, and the heart is cut out of our social fabric'

Stricter measures than in the Netherlands, but no effect whatsoever

In Belgium, everyone has been wearing a mouth mask for months, and there are no large demonstrations and no events. However, none of this has any effect on the suspected spread of the virus.

In fact, it has again been confirmed that the countries with the strictest lockdowns and social distancing measures are doing much worse in the statistics. A country such as Sweden, which had no lockdowns, did not introduce a mandatory mask, and kept catering establishments, companies and schools open, has passed the epidemic and has relatively fewer deaths (even among the elderly a lower death rate than the 5-year average).

Incidentally, this is also measured in Belgium with the false PCR test method, so that the 'contamination' figures say nothing at all. Looking at the number of patients in hospitals and the number of deaths, just as in the Netherlands, there is actually nothing special going on, and there is a normal influx of people with flu symptoms.

'Our democracy becomes a virocracy, in which every pleasure is sacrificed'

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