The Covid-19 Vaccine That Is Not A Vaccine

The mainstream media is already gently massaging people's brains to start thinking positively about the upcoming vaccinations and do not ask any further critical questions. We at CommonSenseTV did have critical questions and investigated.

Much has been said and written about vaccines by the alternative media recently and will continue to be so for some time to come. And that is a good thing, because it is important that everyone (at least who wants to) can inform themselves properly.



In principle, any medicine is harmful to health. That is why medicines should only be administered to people with diseases that their own body cannot resolve. In addition, a trade-off must also be made between the severity of the disease and the harmful effects of the drug.

So much for the theory.

In practice, the pharmaceutical industry is one of the largest industries worldwide and involves many thousands of billions. The net profit of the pharmaceutical industry was over 1,25 trillion dollars last year. Despite the fact that every drug must first be approved by regulatory authorities, there are many harmful drugs in circulation. (see footnotes 1 and 5)

Pharmaceutical companies are masters of manipulating information and withholding research data and relevant data in order to obtain regulatory assignments as quickly as possible. The development of a new drug takes a lot of time and money, so it is of the utmost importance that the regulators start allocating the drug as soon as possible.

But now about vaccines:

Vaccines are the pharmaceutical industry's wet dream. Just think of a company that can sell a product to masses of people when they have not asked for that product and do not need it.

Just sell a fridge to an Eskimo ...

Vaccination is selling medicines to people who are not sick. And not to a few people, no, the goal is to sell every inhabitant of the earth, about 7,5 billion people, a drug while they are not sick.

We are afraid. Well, not a small group, but the crowd does.

Imagine that you can scare that Eskimo so much about global warming and especially the place where he lives…. Maybe he'll buy that fridge.

I am not a specialist in vaccines, but I do know that the Pfizer, the CureVac, the AstraZeneca and the Moderna vaccines are not vaccines. These are injections that will spill into your DNA. I believe it is called genetic modification. I think it is still illegal in Europe to commercially modify plants and animals genetically. This is because we cannot foresee the long-term consequences of genetic modification. In the US, genetic modification of plants and crops is already taking place. (So ​​anyway you get it on your plate anyway).

Did you know that Moderna (which stands for Modefied RNA) is not a pharmaceutical company at all? They have never made an approved drug or vaccine. This company was founded not so long ago and is only concerned with genetic modification. Bill Gates has his tentacles in ModeRNA too. It is rumored that in addition to the genetic modification, the ModeRNA vaccine also introduces a biometric nanofluid (patent: Microsoft) into your body. I do not know what they intend to do with this and we will not find out yet because everything that has to do with the current vaccine development is strictly confidential and liability of the developing companies is excluded in advance.

Vaccines in themselves are a good way to control disease before they strike. In principle, a vaccine consists of a weakened live piece of the virus in question against which we seek protection. When this is introduced into the body, the immune system is activated and is therefore already in the 'ready position' if the person actually ingests the virus.

But no matter how loudly Pfizer, Moderna, CureVac, Aztra say it is a vaccine. THAT'S NOT IT!!!

Maybe they are developing a completely new generation of medicines that will only improve our lives. But there is no evidence for that yet. The development of medicines and vaccines is almost always a process of many, many years. Development, various test phases and approval, you are only 10 years further if everything goes well.

Moderna already has a lot of problems, side effects, in their phase 3 test. But long-term consequences? No idea….

In the West, 4 companies are in the final phase of testing their vaccines. Those are the aforementioned ModeRNA and Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson. To my knowledge, participants are forbidden to comment on the side effects themselves. But there are those who are still out of the blue, especially because the companies themselves are very reluctant to publish side effects.

ModeRNA officially states that the 'vaccine' is nearly 95% effective and with only very mild side effects.

The side effects that have been discovered, or rather revealed, by some of the guinea pigs so far are these: fever, chills, muscle pain, decreased oxygen uptake in the blood, increased heart rate, headache, cough, heat attacks and general malaise.

Pfizer does officially mention (very mild) side effects, such as nausea, headache, chills, muscle pain, joint pain, redness of the skin and swelling and claims an effectiveness of almost 90%.

AztraZeneca has had to stop the testing process several times due to severe spinal cord inflammation in a number of subjects. AztraZeneca has stated that it is not certain that this is due to the vaccine. Johnson & Johnson does not want to say what the side effects are, but the testing program has been shut down.

Large companies are also developing vaccines in Russia, India and China. Russia had stated some time ago that it had a well-functioning vaccine and now claims 92% efficacy. In China, more than a million people seem to have been vaccinated with vaccines about which we know little.


The most advanced vaccines, such as those being developed by AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford, BioNTech and Pfizer and Janssen Pharmaceuticals (J&J), are based on new formats with which we have little experience of using them as vaccines.

The bizarre thing is that these completely new vaccine-making technologies are developed in a sigh and a fart, while the classic vaccine methods, with which we have many decades of experience, take a lot of time. Novavax, GlaxoSmithkline and Sanofi, among others, are working on this, but they are not nearly as far as the others.

Well, a small nuance is in order here: Experience has indeed been gained with mRNA 'vaccines', namely for livestock farming. For animals, this technique is already used to protect intensive livestock farming against viruses in the stables where the animals are packed together. The problem, however, is that these animals from intensive livestock farming usually do not have a long life and therefore the long-term consequences of these 'vaccines' are not revealed. However, laboratory tests and some observations over a longer period show that after about 4 years the animals develop serious organ problems and after about 8 years this evolves into cancer of the organs concerned. But the producers of your 'vaccine' do not tell that.

The experimental vaccines of almost all major producers have already been purchased on a very large scale, in advance by most Western governments and the European Union.

And although it is not finished yet, 'they' already know that at least 2 doses are required and that annual revaccinations are required.

Some pharmaceutical companies argue with dry eyes that they have no profit motive.

They are doing it to save humanity. But these are the companies that raise many hundreds of millions in subsidies. So there are 2 types of companies: The companies that finance the development themselves and sell the vaccines in advance at astronomical prices and the companies that receive astronomical amounts in advance and promise to offer the vaccines at a low price.

Do you still get it?


Is it strange that I wonder what kind of people are participating in the test phases?

If you consider that half of the participants will be given the experimental vaccine, and the other half will receive a NaCl syringe….

The volunteers are mainly recruited among people with a high risk of serious infections and with a higher chance of death. “Grandpa, come on, you can participate in a test. You get 1.000 euros for a gift ”. Something or something ??? And the degree of ethics applied depends on the legislation in the respective country of the participants. Hence many participants in South America, Africa and Asia. There is not much nagging there…. In this way, the studies have the potential to assess the efficacy of vaccines more quickly and with far fewer participants than a standard phase 3 study.


The participants are then exposed to the virus and how many people from both groups contract covid-19. If the truly vaccinated group develops fewer infections and / or the symptoms are milder than in the group with the placebos, the vaccine is declared successful. This is already the case from 50%. It then further depends on the side effects whether the vaccine is approved or not.


"Would you like to take a bite of this stuff"? -"What is it"? Then ask. -"That's classified". - "What is it doing to me"? - "We don't know that very well yet". - "Do I need it"? - "Eeehhh, probably not". -"Is it safe? - "We don't know either". - "But what happens if I get something bad from it"? - "Well, fortunately I am not liable for that, that's your problem then".

 Well, you can't let such an offer pass. Let's give it a try !!


Chairman of the UK Vaccine Task Force, Kate Bingham, recently wrote an article (footnote 2) that is published in The Lancet, the leading medical journal for scientific studies. She writes, among other things:


However, we don't know that we'll get a vaccine at all. It's important to be wary of complacency and over-optimism. The first generation of vaccines is probably imperfect, and we have to be prepared that they may not prevent infection, but reduce symptoms, and not even for everyone or work for a long time.



But now the good news:

Emeritus professor Prof. Dr PJA (Pierre) Capel is an immunologist.

Mr. Capel can give lectures in an inimitable way. In a captivating 40-minute video entitled 'Enough resistance, even without vaccine', he explains how the natural immune system works. (footnote 3)

In people around the age of 80, the natural immune system declines in strength and old people are therefore more vulnerable to viruses. But in healthy old people the immune system is surprisingly strong even in old age.

Take a look at this graph with the age on the X axis and the percentage of death from an influenza or corona infection on the Y axis:


Never before has the planned mass vaccination of adults, anywhere in the world, been carried out.

Regimes that have turned themselves into true dictators in the past year see their challenge in the complexity of this operation. Boris Johnson will be the chairman of the G-7 next year. And just recently he had a high visit from our 'benefactor' Bill Gates. Boris has pledged his full commitment and dedication to GAVI (Bill Gates) and WHO (Bill Gates) to roll out the vaccination program (Bill Gates) worldwide.

No one is safe until we are all safe. Pandemic viruses do not respect national borders. That is the new motto.


Bill Gates, that weird Bill,

has already estimated that some 700.000 people will die from the new vaccines that are coming. Strange statement. But he has said more things: His mega profits that he thinks will be made from vaccines, that a 1st pandemic was coming, that a 2nd pandemic is coming, that he will do something about the world's overpopulation, he seems to blurt out everything. And the more calamity he proclaims, the thicker the grin on his mouth. Is Bill Gates a weird clown or is there a strategy behind his indolence? I think the latter! Because he throws one warning after another into the world, some of the people don't take him seriously and some think that he has no harm in his mind and is concerned only for our all well-being. "Otherwise he wouldn't say any of this."

Many of the policymakers and advisers and rulers have left or right interests in the trillions of bussines of the vaccine industry. Yes, also in the Netherlands. It may be Bill who is pulling the strings, but there are many who come to eat from his rack.


I have a really good idea to stop this fear pandemic:

Vaccinate everyone with NaCl. That is cheap, safe, available everywhere and guaranteed without side effects.

Then we will stop the PCR test. We test people who really feel ill with a real test to be sure. And life can go on 'normally' again ...

But this strategy may not fit the plans of Bill, the UN, the WHO and WEF so well, I'm afraid.


The newspapers and other mainstream media are probably already doing their best

with undoubtedly government-dictated headlines. A small selection of what I saw passing by in recent days:

More good news about vaccines.                      Is there enough vaccine?             Who will be the first to receive the vaccine?

Should the elderly or the young first be given the vaccine?

There will not be enough vaccine until the end of the 1st quarter of 2021!       2nd vaccine almost ready. We can finally hope for a normal summer.

Vaccines free, but not mandatory

In the Telegraph, Jos Versteeg (still an old colleague of mine) writes in his column that some skepticism among the population still needs to be overcome, because not everyone is eager. "What is it that people are not willing to cooperate to solve this crisis quickly"

(His columns and advice are usually based on little research and / or insight and more on parrots).


And what do we do it all for?

To be able to return to our normal world? No, Dr. Fauci (also financially stakeholder) has already stated that this is not going to happen and in the meantime the WHO (you know, the international dictatorship of Bill Gates) has also issued a statement that even after the vaccination program all other covid measures will remain in force.


What atrocities have not all dictators been capable of in history?

Historians and history books can explain everything about it. The atrocities of the 2nd World War are not so long ago. My grandfather and my father were able to tell about that. I lived in Cambodia for a while and saw the consequences of an atrocity regime there. Pol Pot and his mates could also say something.


Even more recent are the genocides in the Middle East.

Do you really think that horrific things will stop happening because everyone now has a TV and a refrigerator? That 'they' only want the best for us?

It suddenly reminds me of a passage from Micha Wertheim's cabaret show visiting Kamp Vucht. On the wall is a text written: “This never again”.

Micha says something in the trend of: “Well, they usually know how to come up with something even more gruesome next time. Maybe it would be better if they just do this again, then at least we know what to expect ”.

Viruses have been around as long as there has been life on Earth. And viruses are everywhere. We live with that and sometimes we get sick of it and sometimes we even die. But most people have a natural healthy resistance to almost all viruses.

Do I want a vaccine? No, only if it is also first tested on rich people. Gates family, come on!


Marcel van Tol

Note 1

Drug search, here you can check the effect and side effects of all medicines:


Note 2

Article by Kate Bingham, Chair of the UK Vaccine Task Force:


Note 3

A particularly informative lecture by Prof. Dr. Pierre Capel, immunologist, on natural defenses:


Note 4

Kamp Vucht


See also 5:


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