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The daily street scene of the new normal

Should we post this? All the way from Australia?

Yes! RIGHT because it happens on the other side of the world. We see exactly the same thing that happened here. The New Normal is deployed.

These are now daily events and justice, freedom of speech, facts and logic are replaced by one opinion, freedom of speech no longer exists, one system and on the way to a socialist / communist Europe.


Every critical opinion is either censored or forcibly suppressed. LARGE SCALE. Police, the media, YouTube, Google, Facebook, Twitter, but also other multinationals. Even is on the side of the breakdown of our democracy.

Even if you are filming alone with a sign up and you have a child with you. Every government has managed to get the right bloodhounds in the right place.

In the Netherlands Hugocaust. Whether there should be fraud with the votes, that no longer matters. It's about the goal. And that justifies the means. The media and politicians have long since passed all shame.

Irrational, unfair and not logical? Does not matter. We flood you with it so that you even get used to THAT.

The video needs no further description.
Most worryingly, we see this happening daily worldwide.

From Australia and New Zealand to America and the EU and certainly in the Netherlands.

Children who are taken from home with their whole family and are put in quarantine camps. Elderly couples who will never touch each other again and are only allowed to talk through glass with security.

The police, here too, who have the right to do almost anything. We have arrived in a society where reason, common sense and facts no longer count, but where the opinion of the implementers of the New Normal and of one particular opinion count. Your own opinion or freedom of expression is over.

Again a call to all those people who ignore this: YOU will be dealt with and they will also come for YOU once this battle is won. Truth always wins.

But we are going to have a hard time in the coming months because it will take much longer because of the cowardly part of the population. By sleeping citizens and citizens who see it but are intimidated by “fines” or simply do nothing. Unlawful fines and other fallacies don't count. Our future and that of our children. That counts!

Listen again to what this Chief of Police says about people who know but kept their mouths during World War II.


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