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The danger of China and the blind hatred of Donald Trump

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It is quite frustrating when you see in social media, the mainstream media or in conversations with friends and acquaintances and hear how people are full of a blind hatred for Donald Trump but have no clue whatsoever about how things really work. It is difficult to explain to them that their behavior is embracing totalitarian globalism and socialism by going along with this trend.

The trick behind this is creating a certain public opinion based on disinformation. In this way, the virtuous people, who follow the trend to feel good, contribute to the fine Great Reset and all the socialist misery that is getting closer and closer while they absolutely do not want it themselves.

There is no doubt in my mind that if the average Dutch person knew how things are going in America, almost all would go for Donald Trump and his administration and even be on the edge of their seats in the coming days. Because it depends. Donald Trump is truly the last man, along with his supporters, to stand and fight for a free world. And then it is a bizarre phenomenon to see that he is hated while he is right there in front of them. Without them noticing.

Most people just look at the person Donald Trump. Or better: how it is presented by the media.

Biden was not involved during the campaign. He was pushed to the background because the man cannot answer a critical question and gets stuck. The Democrats had to win the election with hatred for Trump and not their candidate. That is why Bernie Sanders was quickly pushed away because the man did have a clear hyper-liberal opinion. And that could drive voters away. Furthermore, the Democrats needed the corona crisis. That is why with media such as the CNN 24 hours a day, on the right of the screen, the number of infections and deaths are displayed live.

Because of this framing many people did not vote because of love and trust in Biden. During his rallies, where 8 men were present, the man was even walked past by the civilians without them looking at him.

Joe Biden on campaign

The Democrats had long been convinced of their victory. Only that they had to cheat so much, because Donald Trump brought in an absolute record of votes, was not expected.

Yesterday we already mentioned some cases. To show once again how deep it is… This is what happened in Nevada (see video at the bottom of this article).

42.000 people voted more than once
1.500 people voted while they are already dead
19.000 people voted while not living in the State. Military personnel and students have not been included.
8.000 people voted from non-existent addresses
15.000 votes come from empty houses or empty commercial premises

So we are talking about at least 130.000 fraudulent votes in 1 state. And then you are not allowed to argue against that according to the media and the Democrats?

And this is one state. And these fraud figures are nothing when we look at Pennsylvania and Michigan. And Arizona. And Geogia.

Plus the Dominion machine fraud. Changing the voting and counting process. Chasing away poll watchers. The camera images showing the fraud by passing 3.000 Biden votes through the counting machine several times. The fraud is so extreme that it is inconceivable. And And they want to get away with it and all the media and social media are censoring this but Jovan Pulitzer, some of the best expert you can witness on this planet, can prove all the fraud across America in a few hours if he has access to the machines. As an honest Democrat you would allow that, wouldn't you? They don't do that because they know they have committed fraud. For the same reason, they also do not want to release the envelopes into which the ballots go. This can prove that fraud has been committed by comparing names, signatures and addresses.

Why don't they release the envelopes? The answer can be filled in for everyone.

It is great that other media have stood up and have broadcast all this otherwise this would all have been ignored. This will show you how the media creates your world view.

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Now I don't want to label Donald Trump as Messiah. Certainly not. There are definitely things I have doubts about. But I like his style and he has done what he chose. It's wonderful to see him troll the media without them even realizing it. How much he has uncovered. It is important to me how this person opened people's eyes. That is more important than the person himself.

In addition, the man has an energy that you can only respect and is working day and night for his country.

The man gets up at 5 o'clock. Throws out his first tweet and is busy all day until midnight. From State to State and from country to country. Always available.

Sometimes he did 5 (!) Rallies in one day. And not a quick, hurried tune. He quietly stayed with his supporters for hours. He made his points and it is a show with jokes. A show that ridiculed the hypocrisy of the media and the Democrats and he provoked the media to cut some pieces out again with one-liners that made him the "bad man" again. The kind of “journalism” that will eventually kill the media.

In addition, he always talks to citizens with must and proud and radiates enormous energy and positivity. And that is quite lacking in most Western countries. The respect to the flag of your own country. The pride of your own countrymen and of yourself. Here we are only inundated with negativity.

People should stop playing on the person. Normally, that should be out of date for a long time. You should look at administrations of both. Which people are in which places and what are the plans. The blind hatred makes no sense at all and the witch hunt for this man is extremely stupid and absurd. Not for a moment is it about content.

In addition, Donald Trump is the same man he has always been. And he was loved. With the media, with the Democrats and with many stars.

This video was not very long ago, several years before his Presidency. Here's laughing and having fun with Seth MacFarlane, Anthony Jeselnik, Whitney Cummings and .. Snoopp Dog. If he would sit there now, he would be shot.



Trump is also the only one who stands up against China.

China is bringing down Democracy in Hong Kong and thus breaking all treaties. The relationship between China and Australia is also starting to look more and more like a Cold War that could at any moment erupt into something that no one in the Western world is waiting for. We will discuss that in a next article to not make it too long. . But for a timeline of what's going on between the two countries, here's a link:

And what do we hear about this in the Netherlands and in the rest of Europe? From politicians or from the media? Nothing. Blind hatred for Trump. That's their news. And by them I mean the mainstream media who all have the same agenda and think that once the big techs and socialists are in power that they (again) have the monopoly on the news and can continue while other voices will remain suppressed and mass be censored or banned.

But this does drag us into a socialist EU and a world dominated by China.

We already see that we have to take that seriously. How many people and channels are not shamelessly censored? Entirely according to Chinese tradition? You can literally post NOTHING more about Trump, Corona or China on YouTube. It will simply be removed. How do you think that will continue once Biden is on that throne?

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Election Fraud

In recent weeks, on the advice of people around me and dear readers who were also concerned because they know me a bit, I have taken some distance to recover. After 2 years of getting up and going to bed almost continuously with CommonSenseTV, the moment will come when you pass yourself by.

This gave me the time to closely follow the entire situation surrounding the elections and fraud in America. I've seen all the interrogations. I've seen federal hearings. All evidence. All witness statements. I've been following the mainstream media. I've watched the voting process change in certain states without the consent of lawmakers, and I've seen the media and Democrats keep silent. Amazing that this seems to pass just like that. Imagine if it had been the other way around?

When you've seen all that and you take a look around Twitter or listen to people around you who say there is no evidence that there was widespread fraud, you can't take those people seriously. You have seen everything with your own eyes and no person who is sincere can deny what happened here.

Senators, legislators and congressmen also listened and watched with growing astonishment at what has happened and how on earth it can be that no judge wants to burn his hands to hear the evidence and statements so that one can make a case. It's about the core of democracy. Elections and voting. If people no longer have faith in that, then democracy is gone and you get very bad situations.

These hearings have also taken place before the legislators. The persons who have the power to reverse the election. The problem is that corruption is so deep and so widespread, that almost every politician, willingly or unintentionally, plays a part in it. And if you start talking then you can become the hero, but your political career may well be over. And many Republicans face that choice.

These 2 short fragments show that well.

Rudy Giuliani: "It's worth your political career."



In addition, the Democrats do not shrink from intimidation. Together with the media, they are on the hunt for the witnesses who defended Trump, and plans to list ex-Trumpsters have already been made public. This means that once Biden is in the White House, these people have no chance of getting a good job in their lives. They go for absolute power. Do not forget that. And the end justifies all means. We only see violence and intimidation from the left.

Fortunately, people in the US are waking up and especially after the elections there is enormous movement among citizens in all states of America. More than 74 million people already voted for Donald Trump, according to the fraudulent official figures. That is an all-time record for a sitting US President and in reality there are many more. Yesterday I wrote how even Democrats can beat themselves up for being kicked in here. But the #WeThePeople movement is getting underway and let's hope it gets here too soon.

And put simply: If there is no fraud. Then why don't the Democrats have the envelopes of the ballots examined? Why are they filing lawsuits against poll watchers who wanted to go in to do their duty and make sure everything was going well? You have nothing to hide, do you?

Instead, Trump is portrayed as someone who cannot stand his loss and everything else is ignored. And that by the party and the media that wanted to get rid of Donald Trump 4 hours a day for 24 years with the Russia hoax and the fake impeachment process that mainly cost a lot of money and turned out to nothing at all.

Now Donald Trump is exercising his right and is once again being portrayed as the dangerous one. And people go along with it. With big mouths as if they know everything but they have no idea. If I don't understand something and someone who has seen everything about that subject tells me something, then I listen. We have a stubborn character by nature and you don't just let yourself be persuaded, but people who shout that there is “no proof” are embarrassing themselves.

If Donald Trump had NOT stood up in this case, it would have been a wrong President. More than half of the people (including 25% of Democrats) believe fraud was committed during the elections. As President, your task is to assure the people that the elections are fair. And if there is any doubt, it must be investigated and resolved. And there is doubt. And that is an understatement. So… all legal votes must be counted and all illegal votes removed. EVERYONE should agree with that. It is the duty of every President.

Election fraud is the worst thing that can happen to a democracy and you can't just let it go.

Has an old demented man who locked himself in his basement during the campaign and who stands for the introduction of tax increases, is pro China and draconian measures such as a national mask and lockdowns, got even more votes than Donald Trump, who already has 10 million more votes than in the previous elections?

Joe Biden, the man who can't even get his words out, is also doing better than the hero of the liberals back then, America's first black President, Barack Hussein Obama? While his election manifesto is tax increases and a general lockdown? That alone should ring all alarm bells for any genuinely curious person. However one stands in it.

Joe Biden himself admitted the fraud. A slip of the tongue according to him and the media:

It is amazing to see that, despite everything, so many people do not just scratch their heads about why Donald Trump is so incredibly popular. Where he gets all those voices from.

On January 6, during the normally 20-minute electoral vote-approval ceremony, why will hundreds of thousands of people stand outside to support Trump and not allow their land to be stolen and sold to China? These people are terrified because they know what is about to happen. And they are good people. They are not Antifa or BLM. Or the extreme right. It's not even about the right. Common sense and freedom are what matters. You will rarely see violence because it is the common people. #WeThePeople. But that does not mean that you have to let yourself be spanked 10 times. The 11th time you hit back. And Americans are willing to do that now.

Don't people also think that on January 6 there will be senators and probably dozens of congressmen standing up to object to this election result? Something that will result in at least a two-hour debate on the spot. And what will happen next cannot be predicted. Why not? Because this has never happened. A politician has ever stood up during this ceremony but dozens? Maybe more than 2? So half the country and all those senators and congressmen are crazy?

Not all Trump voters are immediately a big fan of Trump, but they see what is going on. They see that the normal person ranks behind the Republicans. And not so much because they are Republicans or Conservatives. Republicans are also a great danger to the country by betraying everything here for their own sake. They are people who want to live in freedom and who wake up. The situation in America is that the normal moderated people, the people with common sense and the people who are reasonable, are mostly on the side of the Republican party.

The Democrats, on the other hand, have moved far to the extreme left. There are elections in the state of Georgia tomorrow (January 5). When the 2 Democratic candidates win these elections, the Republican parties will also lose the majority in the house and the Democrats will have full control over America.

They will expand the Supreme Court of the United States (Scotus) with more (Democratic) judges and there will never again be a country in which there is any balance. The House of Representatives can still stop all bills, but if Biden came to power without a majority of the Republicans, America would head straight for a socialist / communist country.

People like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley and Rashida Tlaib will be among that majority in the House (The House of Representatives).

The Squad - Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley and Rashida Tlaib

It is unacceptable for a party to fraudulently steal a country and have the guts to blame others for what they do themselves. Their backers are genuine socialists, Democrat-sponsored extremists like BLM and Antifa, lots of ignorant people who think the Democratic party is still the same party as the Clintons thanks to the pernicious media and corrupt multi-nationals and career politicians.

I hope there are those who may want to rethink their views and positions on Trump, the Democrats, the fraud and China.

Fair elections in the Netherlands?

As for the Netherlands and the upcoming elections. It is to be hoped that we have learned from the conditions in the US and DEFINITELY DON'T agree to the changes that Ollongren has made to be able to vote for several days. Supposedly because of “corona”. It has already been decided, but we should not accept this. (source) She started talking about it when corona was less than 2 weeks in the Netherlands.

2.3 million people may vote by post. This should not happen. The Americans warn and shout it from the rooftops: Don't change the way of voting and the counting of votes because it screams for fraud.

South Korea, a democracy, has also fallen due to electoral fraud. Changes with the excuse: Corona. I can't hear the word anymore.

Just vote March 17th and count everything manually the same day. No bullshit about corona. Don't fall for it! The doubts will always remain after the elections and then we will have all the fuss in the country. We can keep our distance and people who feel or are vulnerable can simply let their families vote by proxy. It doesn't take several days for that.

When ballots are left unattended somewhere, anything is possible. In addition, we have a system in the Netherlands that we vote “secretly”. This means that there is nothing left to check.

If WE allow voting in several days and the VVD (example) becomes the largest, the country no longer trusts it. So… No frills. If the VVD becomes the largest then that is fine, but we must know that it was fair. These Ollongren changes have again been introduced without any consultation with the citizens. Who have nothing more to exert any pressure than to vote once every 1 years.

We must be on top of this now and demand that we vote as we always have and counting will be done under supervision.

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Donald Trump predicted the fraud back in October:


YouTube is also censoring the raw footage of the federal hearings these days. Here the evidence found was once again explained. They just do it. Shameless. This is the future that awaits us if we don't wake up very soon. Any other opinion will be quashed. Donald Trump's 45-minute speech cannot be uploaded to YouTube.

We have captioned the summary of the Federal hearings for you here:

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