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The digital meat inspection

Tinder, Happen, Lexa and Badoo I think everyone has been on it at one point or another. If not a brief explanation: These are apps where the users can swipe through profiles looking for a match.

I certainly made use of this, but because of the frustrated wankers, and the one night stand culture, this form of looking for a relationship is completely anchored! Every lady who looks just a little nice has her inboxes flooded with horny guys. The women are digitally inundated with messages where they receive little or no attention in their daily life. And they notice it all the men only want one thing!

Even women who are not really blessed with good looks but certainly have other qualities are overloaded with messages. This makes them walk next to their shoes and gives them haircut. And the smart women who are starting to realize that most men are just chasing their cocks and taking advantage of this fact!

You also see many women on Instagram or Facebook who show themselves as Kim Kardashian. Lips pursed, look up to the nipples and push their ass back hard. Everything for the likes! We all like it but it will be your sister, niece or daughter who puts herself up for sale on social media!

We participate in the pornification of social media ourselves. If a girl posts a photo where she's just dressed, she might get 10 likes. If she puts on less, this increases to 30, for example. Social media is also addictive and likes are the digital dopamine bangers! And because the ladies want more dopamine or likes than the day before, it is becoming increasingly sparsely dressed or more erotic. This is also because 90 percent of men have their brains so brainwashed by porn that we need increasingly erotic images to give them a thumbs up. She has a photo today with a little insight and tomorrow we react less to it. So the day after she places only one with even more insight or less clothes… And so it goes on.

Call me old-fashioned. We all like it, we think it's sexy, but no one is waiting for the whole world to get excited about our mommy, right? So for a one night stand such a girl might be nice, but relationship material will be written off for that!

And I think most men and women just prefer a relationship based on love and respect instead of lust and lust.

Let it sink in for a moment, reflect it on yourself. Think about what you want in your life!

Regards, Brother Bob

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