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The double standard: farmers and BLM

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On June 1, thousands of people gathered at Dam Square to protest the death of George F.

Nobody was arrested, the mayor took part and gave Akwasi the stage to threaten Zwarte Piet and to pretend to be an avenging descendant of slaves. Akwasi, the West African Ashanti whose ancestors sold and sacrificed slaves at funerals.

Well hurray, we can be close together again with the thousands. End of lockdown!
Oh… what do you say? Only if we participate in “anti” racism demonstrations?

Since then, anti-lockdown protests have been banned and portrayed in the media as “hooligans”, while the BLM protests have been canonized and for the sake of convenience it has not been reported that Sylvana Simons raised the middle finger at anyone who "All Lives Matter" called out.

The farmers are also being tackled harder than BLM:
63 dairy farmers were fined 390 euros for violating the demonstration ban.
The dairy farmers had blocked the largest nitrogen emitter in Drenthe (waste processing company Attero) in protest against the nitrogen and feed rules.


Telegraaf - “BLM: Club of dubious extremes”

Farmers Defense Force participants are fined for “demonstration ban”

george f.

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