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“The Dutch Bank influences the freedom of the press,” says payment service employee ...

This message comes directly from the Blckbx website

"The Dutch bank influences the freedom of the press ”, says payment service employee ...

BLCKBX was confronted with a special surprise last week. From one day to the next, payment service said Mollie the contract with us for no apparent reason. Program maker Flavio Pasquino went to tell a story and was given a special lecture; “Your website gives a different sound to the population than the government and we are under the supervision of DNB, or the government ”.

This information came to us in amazement, but Pasquino was not satisfied with this answer and forced a conversation with a manager who called back not much later with an even more surprising message ...

Watch the video but what we already want to say is… a happy ending followed and we are very satisfied with the final point of view Mollie and want to compliment them on that. So we will remain a customer of this payment service and hope that many will follow their example to respect the freedom of expression and the freedom of the press. Even in difficult times such as now.

Now that YouTube is no longer pleasing to us, we are looking for extra distribution power. If you want to upload the video yourself on your channel, we appreciate it. Here is the download link.

News channel!

We want to do this with a professional team, in a larger studio and on our own platform where censorship does not get a grip.

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In addition to ambitions, there is also a dire need to take a “next step”. Recently, a second video from BLCKBX was removed by Youtube on unlawful grounds.

This is a link to the video in question on Rumble:

That is why we are going to leave YouTube, but not with the tail between the legs and not immediately. We do this in stages and in the meantime we will legally challenge the injustice that has been done to us and actually all of us, but more importantly… we want to make history by adapting the law to prevent further dictatorial excesses from Big Tech on our society. More and more people are aware of the Agenda rollout; - civil rights at a glance - the increase in surveillance - the test society - stigmatization of dissenters - polarization - the growing censorship.

Fair information and free access to that information is key. We already bring this on a daily basis, but we want more. More broadcasts as you already know from us, but also a daily news bulletin in which we bring different news. Or perhaps the same news from a different angle. International developments or news where the right questions are asked.

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