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The end of the International Court of Justice

For a long time I have had serious doubts about the fundamental truth behind this 'pandemic'. But after more than a year of research, I have no more doubts.

Now that I have convincingly concluded that sars-cov-2 is a fabrication and covid-19 is also a fabrication, it hasn't made my life any easier.

Because the proof that it is all a lie is just piling up. But none of the mainstream media pays attention to that for a letter or second.

An exception is the Journalist of the AD who managed to get a full-page article in the newspaper about the death of my father, who had been a heart patient for 20 years and was quickly registered as covid-19 dead by a doctor who is quick. wanted to collect an extra bonus.

This Journalist sent me a video with an analysis of the (nonexistent) covid-19 deaths in the US. This analysis shows that virtually no Americans have died from this non-existent disease.

How it is possible that a handful of Americans have died of the non-existent disease, we will leave in the middle. In the UK, the Department of Health, perhaps reluctantly, but under the law of publicity, has had to acknowledge that in English hospitals no one, yes, you read that correctly, NO ONE, has died of covid-19.

And that is of course not surprising at all. Because you cannot die from a disease that does not exist. No one has ever died from Sacbosco-12-varano.

Because that disease does not exist either. I made it up here on the spot and it is no less fictional than covid-19.

corman, droste and merchants deserve to be hanged in public.

Together with rutte, de jong and grapperwaus. But they are not the only or even the chief culprits of all the crimes committed here against humanity.


Reiner Fuellmich is on trial against the German government. I have great admiration for this man, but I am afraid that his mission will not succeed either. Reiner Fuellmich has spoken to many experts and reviewed the evidence surrounding the corona crisis. He thinks, like me, that the PCR test has been deliberately made unreliable in order to get as many infections as possible. This is to support the vaccination agenda - which in reality involves genetic experiments. After studying this case for a year, he and I too come to the conclusion that these are the greatest crimes ever committed against humanity.

Danny should post Reiner's last video message tomorrow on CSTV with Dutch subtitles, so I'll leave that out here for now.

But be sure to look at his message. The only doubt I have is about the tribunal. In the hague we have the international criminal court. There, dictators, army leaders and other scum can be charged and tried for crimes against humanity, genocide, oppression and things like that. That court can only function when it comes to one or more of these criminals and if all other countries support the process.

But what if the trial involves virtually all regime leaders and their armies and their police devices? Who will then support the tribunal?

Reiner sees the light at the end of the tunnel, but I don't see the light.

I think that the International Court of Justice in The Hague will soon be closed.

Algemeen Dagblad interviewed Marcel van Tol about a cheating doctor


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