The end of the EU?

In the last 12 years, the European Union has been deeply wounded as a result of the credit, euro and migrant crisis.
But in all these cases, European countries (reluctantly) assisted each other.

Now, after the outbreak of the Chinese flu, things are very different:

Each country with minimal cooperation, while the call for ITALEXIT is now heard by more than two-thirds of the Italian population.

Merkel is now abandoning Italy, the country that was at the forefront of the migrant crisis and which has cut back its economy for years on the instructions of Germany. In response, Euro skepticism skyrockets.

Macron and George Soros warn that there is also the risk of a FREXIT and a NEXIT. Macron goes a little further in his warning:
"If we had a FREXIT referendum, France would certainly have left the EU"

Dr. Steve Turley: COVID19 epidemic could end the EU:



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