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The EU determines and monitors SEX LESSONS in schools

Many people and countries still do not realize how much power the European Union has already taken over and how far this “Union” goes to impose their own ideology on all member states. 

This crisis is therefore heavily abused to push through the most controversial laws. As a parent you have little more to say about how your child is informed about sexuality, for example.

the Romanians are sick of it! It is precisely when they are placed under a lockdown, where no one is allowed to go outside without a valid government license, that a controversial law has been secretly implemented by the EU and the National Liberal Party.

The EU determines the minimum requirements for compulsory sex lessons.

Minister teaches in the Netherlands Sigrid Kaag of D66 to the students what rimming, pipes, cunnilingus, scissors, darkroom and dominatrix is ​​through special leaflets for the youth.


And Romania must believe that too.

The new EU legislation makes their plight even thornier than it already is, because the Romanian people can do nothing more to correct a maligned 'satanic law' to stop.

The Romanians have long resisted the, by the EU MANDATORY, sex lessons in schools, but the Balkan government decided otherwise this week.

The EU obliges all schoolchildren, through legislation, to take note of the teaching packages 'sex education' put together by the EU at school.

The EU monitors everything. If, after a thorough evaluation, a certain way of teaching does not meet the EU requirements or is labeled as 'too limited', sanctions will follow for the Member State concerned.

The national legislation of every EU country, including as regards sexuality education, is closely monitored by the Brussels juggernaut. Should this be found DEFECTIVE or INSUFFICIENT, the European Union will intervene where possible with its long tentacles.

Through European projects (financed by Soros, among others), teachers and pupils are lectured by the EU under the guise of 'Public health'.

Homosexuality, transsexualism, abortion, LGBTI, it is still quite a task for some countries to do everything.

Poland, Romania, corners of Spain. They do not like or at all do sex education at school.

The EU designates the influence of the Catholic Church as the culprit for the struggle of some Member States, as described in the final conclusion on page 45 of the 'EU Sex Education Protocol'.

Through the EU Health Program and under the umbrella of Public Health, the EU can IMPOSE policy-making advice to Member States according to Article 168 of the EU's Functioning Treaty.

'The legal, financial and practical aspects of sexual education change as the POLITICAL COLOR and social cohesion of a country changes', the EU notes.

Furthermore, the EU says in the document: "Sexual educational information is FLEXIBLE and, in addition to schools, it is mainly presented to children and young people through SOCIAL MEDIA and multimedia (MSM)."

Brussels, which incidentally advocates sex education in schools for toddlers from FOUR years, also tracks exactly in which countries 15-year-old girls are most fertile, according to the EU document.

In the meantime, homosexuals, prostitutes and HIV patients in Denmark provide sex education to children at all educational institutions, including Christian and Roman Catholic schools.

Schools in the Netherlands are also punished if they do not cooperate with the prescribed sex education.

Moreover, according to the EU, the Netherlands and Denmark meet ALL cumulative conditions.

But the Romanians did not like the 'sex-ed' of the EU. The conservative population wanted nothing to do with many aspects of the imposed sexual education program from Brussels.

But now, at a time of general lockdown and 'martial law', in Romania mandatory sex education, including transgender reading hours, has been secretly set up by the Liberals in cooperation with the EU.

The overwhelmed Romanians now feel ignored and are white hot. After all, they cannot take to the streets to demonstrate against this important and devious decision of President Klaus Iohannis, because then they will be fined twice the minimum wage, according to an angry Romanian woman:


PDF file Policies for sexuality education in the EU:



D66 gives millions to CoC education every year:

Youth news promotes transkids:


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