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Europe has become the joke of the world

How would people like Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin and other adult leaders look at the EU when they see Greta Thunberg speaking in the European Parliament, followed by a 3-minute applause for a crazy Green Deal?

These people are not all right.

This happened when Ursula von der Leyen presented the climate laws of Frans Timmermans last Wednesday.

With the Green Deal, he wants to transfer an enormous amount of power from the countries to the EU.
Here the laws of Timmermans in .pdf

The committee may intervene in countries that do not participate obsessively enough in these absurd plans. If Frans finds that the Netherlands does not do enough to climate neutral If he does not become obsessive enough to achieve that crazy goal, then this man can intervene.

The plan still has to be approved, but he has almost succeeded, under the heading climate plans, to gain a lot of power to be able to continue with his global agenda.

And he has already warned the Netherlands. The Netherlands should not be stubborn! (source)

French speaks of one revolution that is going to be unleashed. (source)

The man has completely lost his way and no longer knows what to do in order to attract power.

Frans Timmermans

But with Jensen there was a fragment from the EU that really hit everything.

Look at this excerpt from Jensen from last Wednesday, March 5. As a person with a little common sense, you are watching this with substitute shame.

You are ashamed to die. These are our leaders. It is really curling around. Look and shiver:


Today there is another climate demonstration by Greta Thunberg. Why? The child does not agree with the Green Deal. It must be faster and better according to the oracle. (source)

The Youth news will take over again to indoctrinate our children and people with common sense will be watching again with increasing astonishment.

How did it come to that? What is the matter with humanity?

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