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The fall of Baudet

Actually, what is now happening in the FvD on behalf of the board has always been the reason why I have faithfully continued to support a party like the PVV, sooner or later it had to happen, when the PVV was founded, Geert Wilders very well in mind why he wanted a party, where only one person was really in charge, the conditions within the LPF after the murder of Pim Fortuyn were what he wanted to prevent at all costs and he will probably have a clause in case something should ever happen to him.

Yes, Geert Wilders saw what happened to the LPF after Pim Fortuyn was murdered, he learned from that, unfortunately Thierry Baudet did not and his party grew, became the largest member party in the Netherlands, but unfortunately they have not continued come then a candidate list for the coming elections, what is the matter here, that the board of the FvD has started mutiny?
Suddenly the allegations came out of nowhere, Eva had apparently eaten the forbidden apple and almost the entire board is waltzing over him!

At the time of Fortuyn, it was still necessary to roll down the street after the death of the spiritual father of the LPF, now the FvD is already taking an advance before the elections are there to kill Thierry Baudet and Joost Eerdmans is put forward as party leader of the FvD, which is a huge mistake, Hans Smolders is one of the few stalwarts of Baudet to give a very clear report about it, Theo Hiddema and Paul Cliteur stepped down for this reason and the FvD board therefore thinks with betrayal the party to give a new direction.

Let me say one thing about Hans Smolders, this man still has all respect for me, because after the murder of Pim Fortuyn, he overpowered Volkert van der Graaf and handed him over to the police, so that he could not escape his sentence in this murder case, although the penalty was far too low.
I also fully share the argument that Smolders is doing here, but the FvD board clearly has no message about that, just as that they do not have a message to the members, who largely support the ideas of Thierry Baudet, this board wants to rule!

Baudet is clearly moved when he learns what the snake is lisping Eve all, it all testifies to a preconceived plan, it testifies to a lust for power within this party, which has all been carefully thought out, but which apparently has not been thought about too thoroughly. , because what will the members all now do, who saw the new Fortuyn in Baudet, these people are horribly deceived, put aside, by cunning and deceit, just like the founder of this foundation, by the way, who suddenly accused.

As if there aren't enough hyenas enough, Henk Otten also pops up again, this full-blown toad thinks he still derives rights from his membership of the FvD and thinks he can claim Theo Hiddema's place, it is deeply sad that this is the case. ' One man who has already secured a place in the Senate by robbing seats, now also has the gore to dare to appear here again for an alleged right.
But I wouldn't even be surprised if the FvD board would open a back door for him, they also want to be a VVD light.

This clash between Thierry Baudet and the board is just timed, that may be clear, what Baudet says here would be a very good option to get out of this situation, something like that should embrace a Forum for Democracy, but guess what, the board does not want a democratic solution at all, they keep the members out because they want to take power and push Baudet to the side, this cannot be explained more clearly, I am dealing with these MPs.

So what I hope is that Thierry Baudet still manages to get a new party off the ground, so that he can return to the room, otherwise I advise people not to go on this FvD vote, then the PVV of Geert Wilders is always a much better option, because such a betrayal should be punished severely, with this I have expressed my horror to this kind of power lusty, I was already very afraid of this and that was still once confirmed too!

Chris Collard.

PS Thierry good luck boy, you didn't deserve this, you belong in the political arena, I hope to return soon, fingers crossed!

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