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NOS headed half an hour ago: "This is going to get out of hand!"

The farmers start in the Bilt for the RIVM and from there they continue to The Hague.

The police has on the Utrechtsebaan in The Hague fifteen farmers kept standing that to wanted the Binnenhof to protest. But they are not allowed there.“We are in talks with the farmers. We have indicated that they can go to another place ”, the police said.

The Defense organization places heavy movable vehicles at important points in the city to guarantee safety. The army comes to the aid of the farmers. 

Grapperhaus: "All good and necessary measures are taken" to keep the farmers' protest from getting out of hand. "

There are now more than 300 kilometers of traffic jams in the Netherlands. The soldiers are deployed with large armored cars to drop everything off. We are very curious what this day will bring us!

Source: NOS and Twitter:
Farmers protest




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