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The first corona pepper was put and then the outbreak came: 'We are very upset about it'

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The first corona pepper was put and then the outbreak came: 'We are very upset about it'

AMERSFOORT - Hopes were pinned on the vaccine at the St. Elisabeth Nursing and Gasthuis in Amersfoort. On January 30, the residents received their first injection. But two weeks later, the corona virus still raged through the nursing home. Today it was announced that 22 residents have already died in a week.

“With the start of vaccinations we expected that the infections would decrease, but that did not happen and we are very upset about that,” says board member Evelien Bongers against RTV Utrecht. “It is very intense and very intensive. For the residents, for their families and loved ones and for our staff. It is not only intense because of last week, but also because the virus has been asking a lot from us for so long. ”

Elderly people with dementia live in the St Elisabeth Nursing and Gasthuis. It is a very vulnerable group. “These residents need nursing and care. If they become infected with the corona virus, that could be just too much. ” Precisely because there is underlying suffering, it cannot in any case be determined with certainty whether the death is a direct consequence of the virus. "These elderly people died with corona, but not necessarily because of corona."

Less infections
Although more deaths cannot be ruled out, the wave of contamination seems to have peaked. At the beginning of the outbreak, 70 people were infected, now there are 37. 19 residents have also recovered. There are regular tests in the nursing home to keep an eye on the state of affairs.

The number of infections among staff has remained limited. This has not jeopardized the care, but it is extremely difficult for employees to see so many residents disappear in a short period of time. “These people put their heart and soul into their work. They are very involved, otherwise you cannot provide good care, ”says Bongers.

She is pleased to see that the collegiality is great. “There is a great sense of togetherness within the organization. The staff receive a lot of help and support, also from employees of other departments, and that benefits them. ”


We live in a moment of "no demonstrable evidence that the vaccine kills lives" and everything else

¨just shut up¨

The fairytale book called Algemeen Dagblad

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