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The first legal demonstration is a fact

Despite the fact that many videos appeared on Youtube that tried to discourage people from going to the Malieveld, we can safely say that this full Malieveld has been a success.

Let me first state that I have no intention of burning off Wees de Resistance, but that the way in which, among others, Wouter Raatgever, Micha Kat, have set themselves up in an extremely hostile manner, these have set themselves up after the organization that now calls Virus Truth. does not deserve a beauty prize, of course, here is a video of this grand event.
Of course, Wees de Weerstand has chosen its own path, they do this by walking, during the walks to visit houses of, for example, Mark Rutte or a Joris Demmink and to go in there en masse, it obviously sounds very funny, but by doing this do, do you respond to the breach of peace, when Wouter is asked how many houses he has visited, there are of course rather vague answers.
Here is an answer from Wouter: “Have you already stood at the door of Mark Rutte and rang the bell while there are 20 police men? ”
When people really start to respond to such calls, this will undoubtedly have major consequences.
Breach of the home is a criminal offense, now the police were even very lax when this was discussed some time ago by an owner of a garage that was being renovated, but when this is heeded for example at the home of Mark Rutte or a Joris Demmink, then a completely different course of action can be expected from the police and ME, if these people do not have an opportunity to move to another house, then those who responded may be made very brutally clear that something similar to this people will have major consequences and a judge will of course fully agree.
I will, for example, give my approval to such calls, a demonstration on the Malieveld is an acquired right, which has ultimately been followed up, the use of 5G as a weapon has not been demonstrated and the people who were there, who held a peaceful protest,
there is nothing wrong with the way in which this was organized, it may make the necessary people who have not gone to think.
Now I strongly support tackling all people who have brought us so far from where we are now, but that should be done with hard facts and not through vague YouTube videos and such a process will take quite some time are going to take.
Be that as it may, whether you are adhering to Virus Truth, Be the Resistance follower or have your own opinion, we must open our mouths and let us know and it would be very desirable if we did not hair will fly, because that only turns against ourselves, which is why in recent times I have also turned against the smear campaign of Wees de Weerstand or whatever they call themselves with the different names, because it clearly does not benefit anyone.
Unfortunately, people like a Wouter Raatgever are not willing to respond to this at all.
The first clear signal has been given and whether or not the corrupt media wants to pay attention to this, sooner or later they can no longer ignore this, then this blot can no longer be hidden, then the protests will be everywhere, then a Malieveld is far too small and this is not only limited to the Malieveld, it is high time that certain people start to taste what they are doing to others, this signal must continue to sound in the House of Representatives, whether you walks or demonstrates, you send a clear signal by participating in it, suppose thousands of people suddenly walk across media park Hilversum, would that also remain unheard of?
Precisely for that reason it would be desirable to join forces and indicate in advance where the hike is going, makes the character predictable, that 20-man police is really not there if this is not indicated in advance, then the element of surprise is enormous. 
Chris Collard.
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