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Raymond Berning has a large supermarket at the border between the Netherlands and Germany.

He was informed on Saturday that he had to come for an interview with the safety region:

His supermarket has to close.

"This decision comes unexpectedly, I am desperate," says Berning.

The supermarket has to close on Thursday because Raymond Berning is not at the corona rules satisfies, according to the security region.

But, says Raymond, nothing is right here of because my supermarket is the most corona-proof from all over the Netherlands.
There are walking routes in the shop, the carts are clean, you can disinfect your hands and there are screens.

I comply regulations. And because my shop is close to the German border, most of my customers, who are German, also walk with a face mask around the shop, because in Germany a mouth mask is worn outside obligated.

Still, he must close.

'This is because I am too much clientele and according to the safety region, my customers are too much on one clump. '

The conversation with the security region took place last Saturday not at all good. '

Ten men staff are now on the street.

All products must be fresh thrown away.

"This decision is nothing short of a disaster for me."

Mr. Gerritsen of the security region wanted do not budge of his decision:

'I begged him.

I asked him: Tell me what to do. '

But Gerritsen said: The safety region gives no advice, we only guarantee the veiligheid.

'I already have at the beginning of the corona period 90% of my turnover to hand in by the measures. '

Raymond got this no compensation from the government.
He's got it applied for, but is CANNOT eligible.

After two months of sales loss, Raymond managed to boost sales a bit, but then the BOAs.

'Due to a mistake made by the BOAs, I am now in a mess.'

'The BOAs said that I could only have 14 customers in my store with a store of 140 m2.
But my store has now expanded to 500 m2. '

"So officially I can have 60 people in my store at the same time."

"But Mr. Gerritsen wouldn't listen to me."

'The municipality has it measured again, but I got one anyway penalty imposed by the BOAs because I had more than 14 people in my shop. '

"The amount I now have to pay in penalties has risen to 50.000 euros."

'I am curious where this money will go what I have to pay!'

'I'm going to challenge this. I'm taking legal action. '

'My shop has to close on Thursday, but I am not the one who will close the door. '

'I'll just go on Thursday open, what else can I do? Be at home?!'

'I think I'll be through the police on Thursday maintain, is taken handcuffed. '

'If there are people who want to support me, I will open at 8.00 a.m. on Thursday morning.'

Raymond Berning's supermarket is called
Supermarket Berning, Johanninksweg, Noord Deurningen

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