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Welcome to George Orwell's 1984

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The new legislation regarding the testing of travelers on Corona makes it clear that we have ended up in a dictatorship, which is surprisingly reminiscent of the book "1984".


In the book the term double thinking is introduced (doublethink). Double-thinking is an activity in which one can accept two mutually exclusive thoughts as correct and legitimate according to one's own morality. In simple Dutch: “measure with two measures”.

The double-thinking is perfectly applicable to the new addition to the corona law regarding the testing of travelers. In a case brought by the Virus Truth action group, the judge ruled that a mandatory test cannot simply be imposed on returning travelers. However, the State of the Netherlands immediately ignored this ruling and simply amended the law. The mandatory PCR test for travelers from “high-risk countries” therefore remained unchanged.

However, when Urgenda won the Climate Case against the Dutch State in 2015 on policy where a judge actually has little say, the government responded less decisively. The judge then ordered the State to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2020% in 25 compared to 1990. The government was only too happy to accept the ruling. This statement was perfectly in line with the government and the wishes of the World Economic Forum.

This hypocritical double standard is not signaled by the mainstream media. All brainwashed citizens, scared of the invisible climate and the invisible virus, don't want to see it and they all submissively undergo it.

The Trias Politica is violated twice here. In the Urgenda case, the judge takes the seat of the government. In the Virus Truth case, the State takes the Judge's chair.

Welcome to the dystopian world of “1984” where all your rights disappear like snow in the sun.

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