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The government no longer knows either: Now IC´s full of vaccinees again!

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We do not want to keep this piece by Niburu from you ...

Blessed are the fools who let themselves be played with in this deadly game ... Unfortunately, many are friends or relatives.

Rutte and the young don't remember either, ICs full of vaccinated people

The duo that has been holding the population hostage for more than a year now falls hopelessly through the basket with their corona pandemic.

There are all things happening that, according to their agenda, should not be possible and that will only get many times worse.

It's one thing to launch a bogus pandemic, it's another to keep it afloat.



And that certainly because, like we wrote earlier, the vast majority of people who end up in hospital with “covid-19” in America or England have received at least two corona vaccinations.

But, that also means the vaccine sellers from Klaus Schwab start to get in trouble a bit.

Take a look at the next clip where Sylvana Simons puts the outgoing prime minister on fire and the latter gets no further than to reply with a comment that she is so irritated as he looks “helplessly” at his accomplice the young for support and insight.

We then have about 9 million people who should be immune, but apparently are not, because how is it different next message possible?

IC teams from ten hospitals in Brabant have sent an urgent letter to Minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Health) and Ernst Kuipers of the National Network Acute Care. According to the intensivists, the physical and emotional strain of corona care takes its toll and the quality of care is at risk. Scaling up IC capacity even further has become a utopia, according to these Brabant teams. 'The population does not seem to realize how close we are to the border'.

En here one more:

Hospitals throughout the Netherlands are faced with major acute care problems. “Emergency departments of the hospitals are overflowing and are announcing temporary closures. Intensive Care beds are hardly available anymore ”, writes the Acute Care Network Northern Netherlands on the website. While the supply of patients is only increasing, there is also less staff available.



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