The big Corona ABC

The corona ABC

The A is for Oath of Office.
The oath that all administrators, representatives and civil servants take when they are appointed and with which they swear allegiance to the Constitution. The oath that the vast majority immediately forgets and then structurally violates law and law.

The B is for Governing.
Something that by law (General Administrative Law Act) requires a sound substantiation from those who govern what, of course, was completely missing and is still lacking.

The C is for Corona or Covid-19.
A physical non-killer virus that, however, is mentally devastating to anything that smacks of common sense, reason, calm, compassion, and fairness.

The D is for Demonize.
A treatment that receives dissenters who do not agree with those in power or who protest against absurd unconstitutional measures. Zealot execution (see: Z) of the Holy Corona Church with the tacit approval of the authorities and supported by the brainwashed, frightened and naive bourgeoisie.

The E is for Loneliness and Misery.
The loneliness and misery that affected nearly two hundred thousand citizens in nursing and care homes, rehabilitation centers and institutions for the disabled for more than three months.

The E (alternative) - The E is for Elbow.
Elbow as in the saying 'behind the elbows'; being underhanded. The new greeting, the 'secret' handshake, from members of the Holy Corona Church.

The F is for Philistines. A people mentioned in the Bible and described there as barbaric and murderous.
Today the expression 'go to the Philistines' is used to mean things that are being destroyed, ruined forever. Think of the economy, freedom, social cohesion, civil rights, the rule of law and democracy.

The G is from Grapperhaus, Minister of Justice and Security.
A demagogue with a political driver's license who, because of his ignorance, his irreconcilable hatred of dissenters, personal attitudes and behavior, has largely wasted his credibility and political license.

The H is for Hoax.
An intentionally distributed false message (fake news). Standard procedure of authorities, aided by the mass media, to spread fear, to demonize dissenters and to keep defending their own right.

The I is for Integrity.
An essential characteristic of good governance and administrators, which, however, is completely absent from almost the entire political-administrative caste and (almost) complete parliament.

The J belongs to (De) Jong.
A minister who ignores all the advice of his own knowledge institute because he finds the exercise of power much more interesting than management based on the content.

The K is for Kabinet.
Ideally a group of realists who run a country. In practice, a group of people who consider favoritism (including the animal feed issue and awarding the supply of covid vaccine) and violating their oath of office to be normal.

The L is for Lassa fever.
A disease with an epidemic mortality rate of 50% when infected.
In addition to Ebola (mortality rate 50%) and smallpox (mortality rate 30%), Lassa fever is brotherly in the list of most contagious diseases in the Public Health Act, next to corona, which, according to the RIVM already has a mortality rate of 9% on 0,5 March.

The M is for Speech (freedom from…).
A civil right enshrined in the Constitution art. 7 that is systematically and probably at the behest of, or at least with the approval of those in power, suppressed by the mainstream media by rigorous censorship and the rigorous refusal to provide dissenters with a platform.

The N is for Normal.
Normal, a concept that was already a scarce commodity before the coronahoax in The Hague, but has now been updated to the New Normal. That is to say 180 degrees against what is normal, but of course extremely politically correct.

The O is for the Public Prosecution Service.
A government agency that, it says, stands for the enforcement of law and law, but pays only lip service to it because in reality they help enforce the illegal measures of their political lords.

The P is for Propaganda.
A means of communication that rulers misuse to play public opinion with the help of the mass media by consciously disseminating one-sided and / or fabricated information.

The Q is for Quisling.
Notorious traitor in WWII. Role model for The Hague and local administrators who are not so concerned with the maintenance of the parliamentary democratic constitutional state.

The R is for Rutte.
Intended Prime Minister of the future State of DDR Netherlands, himself admitted to the parliament as a liar, to respect the Constitution in violation of his oath of office. Also a hand-over-the-head holder of various malverting politicians (including Opstelten and Teeven) who later had to leave the field.

The R (alternative) - The R is for Razzia.
A large-scale, ruthless manhunt organized by the rulers for a group of people such as intellectuals, freethinkers, civil rights activists.

The S is for Urgent Law and Stalin.
Stalin, whose prosecution practices will be made concrete and legalized by the introduction of the Urgent Act, so that everything and everyone from one person can be labeled as wild game at will and will mean the final demise of the parliamentary democratic constitutional state.

The T is from Test as in PCR test.
The test that RIVM describes as not very reliable, but will soon be the basis for quarantining people, tearing families apart, closing companies and entire industries. Also a vehicle to further feed the public anxiety psychosis.
The T (Alternative) - Terror. Derived from terrorism, committing serious violence and / or serious threat without legitimate grounds for a political purpose. Code of conduct of Rutte and his accomplices since mid-March 2020.

The U is from Uitholling. A process in which fundamental values ​​are irreparably damaged and / or banned.

The V is for Freedom and Defense.
Defend the freedom who, in the words of our king on an empty Dam on 4 May, to say: '…. Cherish and defend a free, democratic constitutional state. Because only that offers protection against arbitrariness and madness'.

The W is for Unemployment.
A fate that has already affected and will affect more than a hundred thousand civilians as a result of the disastrous Hague policy.

The W (alternative) - Madness.
A state of mind that occurs as a result of mental corona contamination in the political caste and highly contagious given the infection rate among the civilian population.

The Y is for Zeal. Commitment, hard work and hard work.
Diligence should not be viewed only in a positive sense, since it can also be used to achieve perverse goals such as establishing a dictatorship, for example.

The Z is for Zealots.
Fanatical zealots for religious or ethical ideas, who often do not shy away from squabbling with politicians. Currently, future members of the Holy Corona Church and the core of the future CSD (Corona Sicherheitsdienst) and NCB (Dutch Corona Bond).

Dear reader,

Maybe you think that man is exaggerating.

And of course, this corona ABC contains a hefty dose of cynicism, sarcasm and suspicion.

However, also remember that if I had described the current state of affairs in our society at the beginning of this year, you would most likely have thought the same.

But make no mistake. In New Zealand, a pregnant woman was lifted from her bed in the middle of the night for being critical of the corona measures on social media.
In Germany, a police chief was immediately suspended and his house turned upside down for questioning the legitimacy of Merkel's policies.

In Germany and the USA children were taken away from their parents because of a cough.

New Zealand puts infected people in camps and if you refuse vaccination you have to stay until you give in. Wake up!

I wish you health and, above all, wisdom.

With best regards
K. Nuks

See and download here the .pdf The Corona ABC

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