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The Great Reset - Corona as the driving force behind the fourth industrial revolution

“The main feature of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is not that the way we work is going to change. No, this time we are being changed. ”

(Klaus Schwab, the mastermind behind the World Economic Forum <1>)

Klaus schwab


You may have wondered why the sweeping restrictions imposed by our Corona policy on our freedom to develop are still in place when the pandemic is long gone. The restrictive measures for small and medium-sized enterprises are still stifling.

Two months ago, warnings were issued about the feared credit reform, which will follow the wave of bankruptcies expected in the fall. All possibilities to object to this have been made absolutely impossible. Should we believe that this is all a coincidence? Or an unfortunate approach?

I do not think so. Because it is striking that the social middle class is curbed. It is far too striking that the middle class of society, that is to say small and medium-sized enterprises, the public-sector sector and the unions, has been spoked.

As early as March Lawrence “Larry” Fink, CEO of the asset manager BlackRock (business assets: $ 7,4 trillion) wrote to his shareholders that the world after Corona would no longer be the same as before, and that "Huge investment opportunities" <2> would occur in the post-Corona world.

Larry Flink


The power shifts in the few months this Corona policy is now taking are huge:
Jeff Bezos, the owner of Amazon, was able to increase his private wealth by about $ 25 billion during the lockdown. Mister Tesla, Elon Musk, grew $ 8 billion and Eric Yuan, the inventor of the online conference platform Zoom, saw his private wealth rise by $ 2,58 billion in one month.

In 1990, 66 billionaires together owned $ 240 billion. Currently, 614 billionaires in the US have equity capital of $ 2.947 billion. They own about as much as the least-earning two-thirds of the U.S. population combined.

In Germany (and the Netherlands) the inequality in prosperity is somewhat less distressing. But that may still await us if the restrictions imposed on us by the corona policy remain as they are today.

It is no exaggeration to say that we are witnessing a massive upheaval, a kind of earthquake, in which the world as we know it is undergoing a reorganization of dystopian dimensions. A process of "Creative destruction".

In other words, we experience the brutal destruction of a still fairly intact social order and the implementation of new, increasingly centralized and inhuman structures.

We can compare what awaits us with the destruction of the Indian civilizations. Or what happened in England in early modern times, when the commons and the fields were taken from the people and turned into meadows from which industrialization and the proletariat arose. Or with the destruction in the sixties and seventies of the last century of the socialist forms of government in the third world. We have no idea what is currently happening in the corona-ravaged countries such as India, Brazil or Nigeria. The companies there are going bankrupt on a large scale. And immediately hunger and death follow.

There are now privileged people who, in the chaos of corona misery, see first and foremost great opportunities to rebuild the world from scratch. Clearly imposed from above. In doing so, they get rid of everything that is natural and work towards an artificial world of unimaginable proportions.

Who press the reset button and upload a new world software.

The Great Reset.

This is exactly what it World Economic Forum, that once a year in the chic spa town of Davos as the “World Economic Summit” meets, has in mind.

This is where the créme de la créme meets: monarchs, politicians, CEOs, scientists, not to mention media magnates. But the WEF works continuously all year round and develops concepts for 'right' capitalism.

The big man behind the WEF is a German, Klaus Schwab, an economist from Ravensburg. And he runs the Schwab Foundation together with his wife. This foundation promotes social entrepreneurs such as the inventor of microcredit, Mohammad Yunus from Bangladesh, or the Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales. Schwab wants to show that social commitment and profit-oriented business operations are compatible with each other. Everything in this world can be successfully run for profit.

When Schwab and his savvy Praetorian Guard enter the Davos auditorium, all the powerful of this world reverently listen to the capitalism pope of Ravensburg when he proclaims from his throne:
“The main feature of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is not that the way we work is going to change. No, this time we are being changed. ” <3>

The fourth industrial revolution is the great life theme of Schwab. He has written a book about it in which we can read:
“First, I believe that the level of leadership and understanding of the changes that await us is very low among all participants, while it is so urgent to rethink our economic, social and political systems to respond to the fourth industrial revolution. As a result, at both the national and global levels, the appropriate institutional framework to implement innovation and curb uprisings is at best inadequate and at worst completely lacking. ”
Second, according to Schwab, there is no narrative to make the new techno world as attractive as possible to all people. If you do not have the people behind you, there will be a "defense reaction in the population against the radical changes that are already underway". <4>

Klaus Schwab is a smart man. He sees very clearly that capitalism will be over if everything continues as it is now. Therefore, Schwab believes that the phase of state capitalism that he embodies in Roosevelt's New Deal and in the late industrialization of some Third World countries, and the subsequent market radicalism (which he simply calls "liberalism"), has come to an end, and now the time would have come for his "Stakeholder capitalism", not to be confused with shareholder (shareholder) capitalism.

This means that the capitalist entrepreneur should not only consider his shareholders. He must also include the social environment. Trade unions and the public-sector sector no longer have a role to play in this concept. The profit principle must penetrate every fiber of society.

These two elements: the fourth industrial revolution and stakeholder capitalism, Schwab now wants to give a big push forward, covered by the social paralysis of 'corona'. That is why the next world economic summit will be held in Davos in 2021 under the motto of the Great Reset. This will be a twofold event. In this spa for lung disease, as always, the not-so-very young of this world and their slightly younger protégés will meet physically and haptically if corona permits. At the same time, the young stakeholders of the WEF seniors also get to work via video conferences. They are then connected to the event from all corners of the world. Already in April of this year, the young talent from the wonderful new techno world came together via the internet under the motto “Reset Everything” <5>.

Euphoric disciples of the new plastic art world. These were 5G, transhumanism, artificial intelligence, crypto currencies, vaccinations of a new type, and life extension.

And now The Great Reset.

However, it does not just come out of the blue. As early as 2015, the United Nations adopted Agenda 2030, in which the main elements of the reorganization of the world order that is now in the pipeline were already revealed. This was further underlined by a strategic partnership between the UN and the World Economic Forum in June 2019 <6>. The partnership between Bill Gates and the World Health Organization (WHO) parallels this design of the future artificial world.
And it's a real eye-opener to see who's all involved in the Big Reset <7>.

Here we find Jennifer Morgan from Greenpeace. Or the Secretary General of the World Trade Union, Sharan Burrow. The big opening video already makes it clear what the hierarchy is focused on today. The opening words are spoken by the great chairman Klaus Schwab from his throne, amplified by a museum microphone <8>. Then follows His Royal Highness Prince Charles, who spoons his wooden words about the protection of nature here and now and certainly not later, from a telepromptor that is much too high. Then it's the turn of Schwab's underling, UN Secretary-General António Guterres, with his stolid greeting speech. Then again the capitalism pope Klaus Schwab himself.

And it is quite interesting to see who is participating in all of this. Lots of young start-ups, gathered in the Top Tier Impact <9>, which means something like: the top tier shock troops. Here we find Ingmar Rentzhog.

Is there not going to ring a bell?

Rentzhog is the young Swedish entrepreneur who is the climate pop star Greta Thunberg invented and subsequently used its name to generate tens of millions of euros for its start-up "We don't have time" to collect <10>.

Alex Bates of Neocortex Ventures invests in artificial intelligence. The Young Entrepreneurs Club is also involved in the Great Reset, with 500 startups. Or also Webit <11>.

Ever heard of it? With the exception of this year, Webit launched gigantic conferences where exciting innovations from the wonderful world of computers and the internet were presented and awarded. About 15.000 technology enthusiasts meet there. One of the attractions was, for example, the humanoid-speaking doll Sophia.

In a video from before the reset, the Klaus-Schwab supporters explain to us what the wonderful new totally artificial world has to offer. In it, bioethicist Nita Farahany talks about how fascinating it is that people can now make people's thoughts visible on a screen, and that it will soon be possible to decipher the "black box" of people's most hidden thoughts. This neuro-ethicist, reminiscent of Mephisto played by Gustav Gründgens, also advises the US government on the BRAIN (Brain Research through advancing innovative neurotechnologies) committee set up by Obama. Because the American government and DARPA, the Pentagon's research network, also want to look directly into our brains. Of course, they assure us, it's only about curing Alzheimer's and the like. Look at that.

And if we can control the nervous system of people, it is of course only with the altruistic intention that people who are in a wheelchair can walk with radiance of happiness again.

There are many super rich who are willing to selflessly help humanity. We are forced to take on Bill Gates and his gene-manipulating vaccinations. But Bill Gates also wants to free Africans from the scourge of malaria. That's why his team is working feverishly to alter the gene sequences of malaria mosquitoes so that they can no longer transfer the gene that causes the disease <12>.

And Bill Gates wouldn't be Bill Gates if he didn't want to save Earth's atmosphere either. This must be done by injecting chemicals into the higher air layers <13>.

Bill Gates and Elon Musk


And Elon Musk, with his SpaceX space company, is now a leader in space travel, while NASA contractually affiliated with him is now only his junior partner and sponsor.

It is striking that the People's Republic of China has always been involved in Schwab's Great Reset. As said Klaus Schwab is a smart man. He has recognized that the state apparatus is not entirely indispensable for the successful restart of the world. The power machine of China with its stabilizers: people's army, Communist Party and state apparatus harmonizes perfectly with the ambitions of multi-billionaires like Jack Ma. And how smoothly, quickly and efficiently this power machine China has introduced the new super network 5G is not only impressive to see for the West that has always been the front runner, but also a bit frightening.

In this light, the passive rigidity of our civilization imposed by the corona policy can therefore also be interpreted as an attempt to make up for the perceived backwardness vis-à-vis China and the start of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

How realistic is this Grand Reset actually?

Is it just an idea fix from a clique of super rich? Unfortunately not. In my 2014 book Die Macher hinter den Kulissen <14> I have been able to demonstrate against a wall of suspicions as if this were a conspiracy theory how the democratic participation instruments for the popular sake (fully generic) and the common in centuries of struggle and firmly rooted in modern society, were infiltrated bit by bit by the networks and think tanks of the super rich, and eroded from within. As early as 2014, the result was that the politicians themselves were involved in the decline of the state. How they have enabled and further facilitated tax evasion. How they introduced the foundations as a legal means of tax evasion. How those foundations boosted by this allowed new, artificially constructed debates to trickle into politics; quietly at first, then getting louder.

And since the publication of my book, the situation has not gotten better, but rather got worse. While in the 5s the share of corporate profits that passed the tax office was only about 2000 percent, in the 50s more than XNUMX percent was already blamed to the detriment of the public interest. At the moment, the percentage is undeniably much higher. The state is becoming impoverished, while billionaires are getting richer. Today, the heads of state (see the current example of Bill Gates on his sacred mission to vaccinate all seven billion citizens of the earth) must bow their heads to the super-rich. They have been chosen and trained as leaders by foundations and networks, not least by the World Economic Forum.

Klaus Schwab's world view is, of course, their own world view. What else? It is the most natural thing in the world to offer the community's ability on a silver platter to the super rich. Only private profit pursuit can effectively guide societies, or can it ?!

The foundations and networks of that elite are also in a position to use the media, their power over the parties and synthetically created pseudo-oppositional “grassroots movements”, through foundation-funded political education and through the online encyclopedia. Wikipedia to take the last remaining real democratic movements into an inescapable hold and smother them in a smooth but very incestuous way through twisted propaganda phrases like "right-wing populist" or "conspiracy theory". And they are brazen enough to construct a significant correlation between “conspiracy mentality” and naturopathy using pseudoscientific method <15>.

Okay. So they can control everything, those billionaires. Whether they can also hedge against awkward realities remains to be seen. They have put us on the line by destroying our democratic institutions and disrupting social cohesion, by the endless militarization of this world and by protected communities (gated communities).

Many areas in this world have gotten out of hand. No artificial intelligence, no matter how smart, no 5G network or genetic engineering can do anything about this.

And how can synergy between man and machine be created in a world where social inequality is as great as it has never been seen in human history? When rival gangs of the super-rich fight their power struggles unscrupulously over the backs of an entire nation, as is currently the case in the US, where billionaires George Soros his synthetically created opposition movement Black Lives Matter to unleash unscrupulous Manchester capitalist Trump?

The Great Reset is not on clay feet, but on a cutting pile of shards. Yet the Great Reset is forced upon us.

So there is still a lot of work to be done. Is it actually possible to wake up a completely sedated and unsuspecting audience?
We must first figure out what we want. What our starting point actually is.

So we came from a world where democracy was our top priority. We came from a world of social justice. In our world, the profit principle could only work out where it couldn't hurt. Politics prevailed. Of general interest.

In the past, for example, all important economic activities were carried out by partnerships or public-law bodies. And a strong middle class worked close to the base, by people for people. All this made our life so easy and worry free.

We have to go there again. As a first step. So we need to get our state back in order and equip it with a strong, enforceable tax system. Even modest tax hikes for the super-rich would again give us enough money to build a functioning infrastructure. We should also introduce direct democracy so that important practical matters are not linked to party programs, but can be decided on a case-by-case basis. And an imperative mandate would ensure that elected officials are impeached at all times if they do not carry out their election mandate.

These are just a few of the many things we can do in our fight against the Great Reset. We strongly oppose the wonderful new techno world of Klaus Schwab. So that we can keep our government and political decisions in our own hands, and that we can look out of our eyes without artificial neural impulses.


By organizing Herrmann Ploppa

Translated from the German by Elisabeth Labrijn.

This article originally appeared on, on 20.6.2020,



<2> Open letter from Blackrock boss Larry Fink to shareholders dated 29.3.2020 “The world will get through this crisis. The economy will recover. And for those investors who don't keep their eyes on the shaky ground at our feet, but on the horizon ahead, there are huge opportunities in today's markets ”.
<4> Klaus Schwab: "The Fourth Industrial Revolution". London 2017
<5> Reset everything, April 29-30, 2020:
<14> Hermann Ploppa: The makers behind the scenes. How transatlantic networks secretly undermine democracy. Frankfurt 2014.
<15> Pia Lamberty / Roland Imhoff: Powerful Pharma and its Marginalized Alternatives? Effects of individual differences in conspiracy mentality on attitudes toward medical approaches. Mainz April 2018

Footnote 1 and 4 video:



Behind our back, the run-up to the greatest economic shock the world has ever experienced is taking place.

During the corona demonstration Querdenken 711 in Stuttgart on June 20, 2020, Ernst Wolff gave a penetrating speech about the causes of the economic disaster that awaits us in the short term.

The situation is now on edge.

Due to the corona measures, gigantic sums of money were pumped into the economy by the central banks.

Citizens received only a few crumbs of this. While the richest people on Earth have become phenomenally richer and the poor even poorer, a crash of the current financial system is inevitable due to the exponentially accumulating mountain of debt.

Ernst Wolff is passionate about the timely implementation of a democratic monetary system - while it is still possible! This video is an abbreviated, concise version of the full speech, subtitled in Dutch, which you can find here (in German):

Ernst Wolff is a journalist and author of books and articles about the forces behind our financial system, including: Pillaging the World, The history and politics of the IMF, Marburg 2014; Finanz-Tsunami - Wie das global Finanzsystem uns alle bedroht, Marburg 2017.



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