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The Holocaust and Institutional Deniers


Everyone is familiar with the Holocaust and knows what Holocaust denial is.
But few have ever heard how Mainstream Holocaust researchers themselves deny / omit parts of the systematic repopulation, through mass murder, in the "Lebensraum" and thereby help the work of total deniers.

Nuremberg statements on the production of human soap and lampshades, many other millions of uncounted victims, gas trucks, nuclear weapons to vaporize Jewish prisoners and destruction of remains have been erased from mainstream Holocaust history.
In return, we receive a sterilized story about 11 million people, 6 million of whom were killed by Zyklon B, starvation and execution.

However, 11 million is a very low estimate, since tens of millions of white Europeans disappeared from the face of the earth between 1939-1945 in German-occupied territory. The actual number of deaths is more than 20 million, mostly non-Jewish Eastern Europeans.

For (gruesome) details and descriptions see Ryan Faulk's investigation into the Holocaust (see source).

Ryan Faulk - 'The actual extent of the Holocaust.


"There were literally rivers of blood" - Ryan Faulk



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