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The horrifying details of MSM's assassination of FARMER Elisabie in South Africa

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South Africa is controlled by mobsters.

The ANC of Cyril Ramaphosa and the Open Society of George Soros determine the course of events.

Donald Trump sends billions to South Africa to support the government there and thus simply promote apartheid against whites! Prince Harry also brought in millions last year during his multimillion-dollar British tax money tour of the country.

South Africa appears to be an open institution filled with evil sociopaths.

Some people even speak of demons wandering around. People possessed of the devil.

The farm attack on Sunday, July 26, was so horrifying that details about the murders were initially left out.

FARM MURDER again in Hartswater, South Africa - Mainstream has been hiding white people's genocide for years

(warning: heavy content)

Elisabie and her parents Dani and Breggie were attacked in their farm. They were beaten and stabbed with knives.

Everything in the house was destroyed and their cars taken.

The family was kidnapped and their bank accounts were pinned on the way.

Elisabie was led into a remote field separate from her parents.

There she was completely undressed by the five criminals.

Her breasts were cut off.

And then both her eyes were scratched out, so that Elisabie in the "spirit realm" cannot recognize her murderers. The perpetrators, who believe in witchcraft, explained this afterwards.

She was again stabbed all over her body with a knife.

She had to walk a long way and then her skull was smashed with stones.

Dani and Breggie were stabbed several times with a knife.

Then they were hung on a tree, where they were left to die.

A Black Monday protest took place in Magagong last Thursday.

At 8.30 am white farmers and growers from Magagong gathered at the court where the five farm attackers are tried.

Also at the police station and the church.

From here they formed a large column of cars, trucks and tractors, with which they occupied the main roads while driving at a speed of 20 km per hour.

October 25, 2020 a Nasionale Swart Monday will be organized in South Africa.

All major roads will be blocked by vehicles of white farmers and civilians.

The vehicles together form a cordon and then drive in traffic jams of 20 kilometers at a speed of 10 km per hour from 6.00:18.00 - XNUMX:XNUMX through South Africa.

The cars will place a white cross on their roof.

Bumper stickers and flags are also welcome.

The headlights burn with high beam.

Large white crosses are planted at every city entrance.

Motorcycle clubs ride along step-by-step in honor of the farmers.

Everyone wears a black t-shirt with red bloodstains.

Cemeteries of farmers who have already been slaughtered are visited.

Stand On Children Of People's Hero!



@boervolkbeweging - Instagram

39 farm attacks in June 2020 and five farm murders.

13 farm attacks and 3 farm murders until July 11, 2020.

To this must be added the five deaths of the three farm attacks of last weekend.

For years, Black Mondays have been organized several times a year in South Africa to stop the farm murders.

But it doesn't stop.

The criminal gangs are not arrested or quickly released on bail by the police.

It seems as if they are paid per dead farmer. Who pays them? The ANC, Soros?

The South African government is requested to hang the flag at half-mast on October 25, 2020. If Ramaphosa does not do this, we know enough.

We wait ...

The ANC has been promoting their extreme hatred of the white population of South Africa for decades.

Nelson Mandela and his communist comrades already sang:


Nelson Mandela sings: Kill the whites:

Video clip Black Monday Protest:

Source: Plaasmoorde Hartswater:

Source: October 25, 2020 Black Monday:


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