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The Hunger Games Society

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The regime has been harassing and harassing the population for almost a year. The regime has a hold on us like a stranglehold. A little tighter with each exhalation. Until we are all completely exhausted.

"Scandalous and criminal".

Politicians, for example, call out to us when the bickering and harassment has pushed a group of people to their limits and starts to riot. Although there are also persistent rumors that the regime has a hand in starting / stoking the riots. The images of the romeo's behavior during the peaceful demonstrations speak volumes. Would that also have played a role in the curfew riots? Who knows? Because a curfew has of course nothing to do with corona and is a measure that has proven worldwide to only work against and to generate resistance. (The hooligans, who are normally always blamed for everything, have also brilliantly covered themselves by standing up as defenders of their cities.)

Surely, hitting peaceful protesters off the square was done because they are so concerned about our health and wellbeing?

I am sure that had it not been for the police, mobile unit, horses, dogs and water cannons, nothing bad would have happened. What if Halsema himself had turned up? Like she did at the BLM manifestation? She would have been received with loud applause.

But no: the beech in it !!!


The police brutality on Museumplein, led by Halsema, is only a very small foretaste of what lies ahead.

Rutte and the young (I no longer write capital letters for this kind of scum) knew very well that a curfew measure, combined with the violence against peaceful protesters, would provoke the people even more and perhaps encourage more resistance.


I no longer believe anything about these dictatorial mass criminals. Criminals who have unbelievably managed to achieve supremacy over our, once democratic, country with 4 men. Our representatives stood by and watched.


The Hunger Games

David Icke has been talking about The Hunger Games Society for decades. The 1% richest of the earth have / want omnipotence over the world and the rest is in all respects dependent on this 1% and guarded by a police / military state.

David has been denounced, reviled and censored.

But now look at what is happening. Step by step, the regime is getting stricter, the belts are being tightened and they have a tighter grip on us.

They promise us they hope it's only temporary. But in the meantime, the world is being turned into a fascist communist society from which it will soon be impossible to escape. Technology will ensure that they have everything under control. Now the process is still in full swing. The opposition must be silenced, the press must be in step, freedom of expression must be restricted or abolished, the right to demonstrate abolished. Curfews have already become commonplace worldwide and a global travel ban is underway. Do you think the visit ban has anything to do with the virus? No, people should have as few opportunities as possible to unite.

The fact that the catering industry is going bankrupt is no problem for the regimes.

The fact that the events sector is going bankrupt is no problem for the regimes. The fact that the travel industry is going bankrupt is no problem for the regimes. The fact that many small businesses and shops go bankrupt is no problem for the regimes. The fact that the aviation sector is going bankrupt is no problem for the regimes.

It is part of the plan.


In the Hunger Games Society there is no room at all for entertainment, restaurants, football, holidays, fashion and you name it.

Who could have ever thought that the government would unleash the ME with a long baton on innocent civilians. Horses used as weapons against innocent civilians. Fighting dogs used as a weapon against innocent civilians. Water cannons used against innocent civilians ??? Oh no, these burgers were not innocent:

They were located on the Museumplein! What a crime! There must be appropriate retaliation in return.

Is there anything else we can do to turn the tide? Only when we get up en masse, but then really en masse, take to the streets to express our dissatisfaction. If the regime then listens to us and doesn't knock us off the square or the street, there is a chance. If they continue to do so, this will escalate. It will not be a civil war, but a war of the people against its oppressors and of the oppressors against the people. Violence will then increase rapidly and the people will have to use heavy means to ward off the tyrants and their excessive violence. Trucks, shovels, tractors (with or without a full slurry tank) will have to be used.

Could we expect anything more positive from the Dutch army? Could they stand behind the people? I witnessed the coup in Peru. As a result, hundreds of thousands of people gathered and the regime ordered the police to pound hard on the demonstrating masses. In the end they failed and the dictator resigned after a week. Because the army did not want to participate and rallied behind the Peruvian people ……

But that will not be the case in the Netherlands.

The army will be deployed at some point, but to fight against us and not for us.

Is that the way they want it to go? Or, now that the signal has been clearly given that we no longer accept it and no longer believe the lies, can we finally start a dialogue? Hold consultation sessions with real specialists! Finding practical and workable solutions instead of letting a group of interested panic mongers rule under the leadership of 4 dictators. Only by listening to a varied team of real specialists can we arrive at solutions and the Netherlands can still be saved.

But yes, that is wishful thinking ……

The elections will be postponed. Leave that to Mark and his necessity. Corona and then all those dangerous variants and on top of that the resistance of the Dutch people. No, holding elections is completely irresponsible. The media will continue to cooperate in the destruction of democracy. They will tell you that it is very wise of mark not to let the elections go ahead. Propositions are already being made to which you can respond.

"Do you agree if the elections are postponed"?

This means that it has been in jugs and pitchers for a long time and that it only needs to be massaged into it. NOS, RTL, de Telegraaf, AD, NU, they walk well on a leash.


Dear people, do you know what's so scary? It happens everywhere. Regimes almost everywhere in the world are taking away our fundamental rights and making life impossible for us. Brian Rose, an intellectual who also fights for freedom and democracy, wants to become mayor of London. He has also been banned from YouTube and is banned or ridiculed by the MSM. To campaign he has set up a beautiful, modern, corona-proof touring bus and with a small team he is campaigning by driving his bus around London. After police harassed him and his team several times, the regime decided to arrest them all.

In Peru, the regime was busy for a while with changes of power, a coup d'état, a popular uprising, street violence, another change of power. During this period the whole corona problem suddenly disappeared. There was no more testing, there was no more covid scare mongering, the hospitals were empty, the people licked their wounds and cleaned up the shards and tried to regain their lives.

But apparently the new regime has now also been visited by the WEF / WHO / UN 'build back better' team. Because from Sunday, Peru will go into a complete lockdown again. In March / April / May / June, the lockdown drove Peru into the most contaminated country in the world and killed half of society. And they would like to do that again.

If you still believe in the government and the NOS, at least do a little research yourself at least once. Take a look at it the message Danny posted about the mortality rates. And then think about the damage the regime is doing to our society. And then draw conclusions from that.


A people that give in to rutte / the young

Will lose more than body and well

Then the light goes out ...


No corona without measures: All misery for 128 corona deaths

Karel Nuks has once again written an impressive piece and predicted a very bleak future for us.

THAT SWEET WENDE? - by Karel Nuks


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