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The impressive words of the Horeca and Koninklijke Horeca Nederland (KHN)

The impressive words of the Horeca and Koninklijke Horeca Nederland (KHN)

'We open the terrace at 12.05 with service and we'll see'

In many places in the country, catering entrepreneurs put their terraces on the street on Tuesday. Some terraces have 'playful action' and will not serve. Other terraces will open, with service .¨ wel-101361049

It now appears that the words of the cabinet rutte and the accompanying penalties that have driven considerable fear in the literally and figuratively languishing bodies of the hospitality industry entrepreneurs weigh more heavily.

Last week there was a lot of fanfare calling for the terraces to be opened again, because "the entrepreneurs were no longer taking it"

Now on doomsday it appears to remain a playful protest action here and there.

I can appreciate the action of the Rotterdam terrace, because if the land is controlled by inflatable dolls from the courtyard, it should also be possible with a terrace, right?

Understandable given the risk of a sky-high fine, but a pity, because these are not the actions that will get us all out of this farce. 3x is a charm then?

But yes, it could have been worse. Because suppose the cabinet had said "the hairdressers are not allowed to open", or you should not have been allowed to play outside until 9 o'clock? Or in the worst case, they wouldn't protect you with face masks while getting your well-deserved daily sandwich?

Hospitality industry opens up en masse against cabinet ban

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