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The insane have taken over the asylum and can kill billions with injections

dr. Vernon Coleman

“I have been warning about the covid-19 injections for many, many months. My first videos about the real dangers were published last year. In this video I am going to prove, beyond any doubt, that the entire experimental jab program should be stopped immediately. The insane have taken over the asylum and they can kill billions with these injections.” writes dr. Vernon Coleman.

But instead of stopping the spread of a vaccine that hasn't been properly tested, doesn't work and isn't necessary, authorities in some countries are already pricking children and urging children in others to be vaccinated as well. This is total madness. Poking adults with this poisonous concoction is madness, but most adults at least have a choice.

Children are injected with dangerous poison straight from the cauldron in Macbeth, and they have no idea what is happening to them. There is absolutely no informed consent and they are getting an experimental vaccine that doesn't do what people think it does, to protect them from a disease that I showed in a previous video is nothing more than a new name for the flu. .

Read more here and watch the videos of Dr. Coleman at Front News:

It is interesting to read when you ask logical questions and you delve into things that superficial people do not delve into, you are immediately presented as a conspiracy theorist and basically an idiot.

We live in an age where common sense continues to grow but the majority still think and reason very superficially. Knowledge must be presented to these people through a television or a newspaper with a well-known name. If not, then it is not really. Exactly as governments prefer to see their citizens.


dr. McCullough: "I can no longer recommend vaccinations to my patients."

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