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The Johannes Fontanus College in Barneveld and the corona rules

We have received this newsletter in our mailbox:

To indicate how great the "easing" is going. Because people have already had everything, such as the curfew, keeping your distance, xx people in your house or you are punishable, you name all the idiotic measures, people often jump in the air about the relaxation. Not realizing that the measures are currently worse than around this time last year.

Newsletter Johannes Fontanus College

It will be your school but…

Dear Parents Guardians),

Then it is still so far before the summer holidays: we will open completely. In this email you can read how we are going to do this.

We go as of June 7 completely open again and take the days before to prepare it properly. So we won't open immediately, even though students (and maybe you too) really want this. In this way we give colleagues who have already had a tough year the space to do this in a good way. We hope for understanding.


  • The 40-minute schedule remains to be able to continue to provide extra support after the class day to students who need it.
  • While tests (from June 17th) we do have 50 minutes.
  • Applicable guidelines continue to apply, because safety comes first!
  • Double breaks continue to exist (main building).
  • The mavo location remains a one-way street.
  • We are looking for a tailor-made solution for students and colleagues who do not want or cannot go to school completely.
  • Field trips are (still) not going ahead. We do try to organize closing activities.


Online teaching or taking a class

Students can participate in class online from home, if this is not physically possible. A colleague may also teach from home. We arrange care of the class by an employee, so that this runs smoothly.

What guidelines did we have again?

The guidelines and measures we already had in place remain important:

  • stay home with complaints
  • wear a mask when you walk
  • 1,5 m. distance to adult
  • wash your hands
  • disinfect hands when entering building and local
  • disinfect tables


Together we can do this! Would you like to encourage your child to follow these measures so that it remains safe for all of us? Because not every colleague has been vaccinated yet. And we find that difficult! Some would not want to open fully until every colleague has been vaccinated.


By preventive testing, we can detect infections in students and staff sooner, i.e. if someone has no complaints (yet). By doing this twice a week, you can keep a good overview of the possible presence of the virus within the school. This greatly reduces the chance of further spread or an outbreak.

The government provides these self-tests. This was already the case for staff, but is now also possible for students.

The distribution of the student tests is done through the mentor. She hands them out once a week to the students who want them. The student tests at home before going to school. This is voluntary.


We have mixed feelings: we are happy with the opening, but we also find it exciting. Perhaps this also applies to you! If you would like to discuss this e-mail further, please contact your child's head of department. We hope that we can end the year in a good, safe way.

Yours faithfully,

the school management


It is in and in sad…


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