The leveling party

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In fact, after the introduction of the euro and linked to the EU, Dutch politics has only known cunning and deceit among the pro-European Union parties, the Rutte II cabinet was a typical example of this.

There was a huge power struggle going on between PvdA on the left and VVD on the right, so it happened that the voter on the left gave themselves their vote as a Green Left voter for their only alternative, and that was the PvdA, on right exactly the same, the VVD drew the necessary votes from the CDA and the PVV.
If the many voters had known then what the consequences were, then this coalition would probably never have come about, because it was just voter deception, where many were shut in with open eyes, our country was in recession and something we actually a bit normal, but what you can safely call EU related, because the EU does not bring us wealth, it is precisely our weaker members of our society and the pensioners, whose pension has now been for about eight years. are no longer indexed.
Because of this, the PvdA won 38 seats in a neck-and-neck race with the VVD, which even won 41 seats.
This created the unique situation that both parties together achieved a large majority of 79 seats, so D'66, who participated in Purple in the previous two cabinets, had become superfluous and despite the fact that this party had also won two seats, they remained at the front. side.
The difference with the previous Purple cabinets and Rutte II was that huge cuts had to be made and the necessary people also lost their jobs. On top of that, the PvdA had come up with the idea of ​​creating a lot of calamity, and on top of that too to level the modal incomes.
In those days I sometimes liked a freak and got an extremely annoying melody in my head, which I could not get rid of, the text I wrote on it I had thought out in roughly an hour, I had a song in the past. period as a singer in a rock / wave band and coincidentally one of my colleagues was busy with a rock band as keyboard player!
He had a simple home studio, where we worked out our carnivalesque idea about this cabinet as a protest song in one day.
Of course I don't really have the voice to sing carnival songs, but actually we both thought this idea was quite successful.
In this hilarious song, Spekkie Big of course refers to Hans Spekman, because he and his soup sweaters were the inventor of leveling. Unfortunately, a typo made this creative excitement not much visited on YouTube, because whoever looks at leveling instead of leveling, which was very topical at the time.
But in order to bring you as a reader back into the atmosphere of this time, I left the link behind here, so that you too can listen to this Farce Majeure-like melody, and it really is your own idea, which like this in a professional studio would have been included, possibly many carnival
Of course, after Rutte II had completely finished the ride, the PvdA received a huge beating, because such a betrayal to the voters is of course usually rewarded in a negative sense, the PvdA therefore lost with the 2017 elections of the 38 seats there 29 and was thus decimated into a party of only 9 seats.
Thanks to a smart move by Rutte, the VVD managed to keep the loss under control, by his one-off firm statement to Erdogan, he managed to steal Geert Wilders' cheese and therefore lost only 8 seats and won the election battle from the PVV.
But if we look now, where a lot has come up with the Wilders process, then it becomes clear, what a nasty rat Rutte is, that started when Rutte I fell, Geert Wilders was not at all to blame for that , that was due to state secretary of foreign affairs Ben Knapen (CDA), before and during Rutte II and even in the letter to informer Tjeenk Willink for the formation of Rutte III, lies were used to keep the PVV small and the population kept kicking there in.
The fact that I have now returned to the current situation is that I believe that the bottom stone of Mark Rutte is now coming up, this horror clown, like broad-mouthed frog Ivo Opstelten, should never return to Dutch politics, they have caused enormous damage to the State of the Netherlands.
What also surprises me immensely is that the PvdA is once again virtually the second party in the Netherlands in the polls, this party has meant nothing to us, even now as an opposition party, Lodewijk Asscher, as an alderman in Amsterdam, has already done nothing about it, how can we? such a party on earth now has virtually 19 seats again, are the voters so short of memory that they will choose a clown again?
Chris Collard.

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