The protagonists, schwab and fauci

Professor Klaus Schwab

Professor! That always sounds so reliable, don't you think? A professor. Someone who, for a modest salary, wants to pass on his wisdom to inquisitive students. The many books he has written suggest that we are dealing here with a wise, honest and modest man.

Well, if ever there was a wolf in sheep's clothing walking around, it's Klaus Schwab.


Raised in Nazi Germany by a father (Eugen Schwab) who, with his company Escher-Wyss, was the preferred supplier of Adolf Hitler ("National Socialist Model Company") and who used prisoners of war and labor slaves in his factories.

Not only were industrial turbines made there, but also parts for weapons production and parts for the German fighter planes. Flamethrowers were also sold to the German army. And, oh yes, there was also work being done on the development of atomic bombs.

His father was also such a political snake, on the one hand supplying weapons and parts to Hitler, on the other hand consulting with the Allies, passing on information and agreeing that Ravensburg, the location of Escher-Wyss, would not be bombed. The fact that Ravensburg was also the center of storage and distribution for stolen Nazi gold and that Schwab also had its tentacles in it must also have played a role in this.

In addition, Allied prisoners of war and Jews worked as slaves in his company. Thanks to his board position at the Red Cross, he was able to arrange this.

You just have to get it all done!

I have not been able to find out exactly how the relationship between Escher and Eugene Schwab works. Apparently it was necessary to erase a piece of family history. But in any case, Escher-Wyss came into the hands of Eugene Schwab at some point.

Schloss AU and its owners in Switzerland (Sultzer family and Bodmer family) also play a role in the schwab family history, but that too is shrouded in darkness.

Lock AU

Schwab (l) and Bodmer (r). Not a very clear photo but some resemblance can be recognized.


Similarly, there is not much to be found about the trade (nuclear weapons program in South Africa?) of Klaus before he founded the WEF.

Nice family ahead!

Escher-Wyss, 1930


Escher-Wyss today operates under the names Andritz AG, ABB AG and Sultzer AG, some of the largest industrial companies, and klaus indirectly manages more than 50.000 employees in thousands of companies worldwide.

Its WEF headquarters and residence are located on its 50.000 m2 site in Switzerland, the site associated with the Bodmer family. Due to the lack of parts of the family history, there are rumors that schwab is a pseudonym to disguise dark backgrounds. I cannot fathom exactly how it works, but somehow the Escher-Sultzer-Bodmer families are connected to schwab. Anyway, we're all talking about multi-billionaire families here.



dr. anthony fauci.

Doctor, that's such a special title! It also inspires confidence in most people. Doctors want the best for us, right?

Well, Joseph Mengele was also a doctor, ladies and gentlemen. And his morals don't differ much from Tony Fauci's.

Fauci descends from the Swiss Abys family, known for Abys & Co.

Have a look at what a nice family coat of arms they had:

Well, Anthony can't help that, you will say, this dates from 1887.

Well, this is the most recent update:

Abys & Co. engaged in mining activities and are responsible for the death of 2.500 people in the village of Plurs in Switzerland due to an industrial accident involving the mining business. By the way, his ancestors were with Abys & Co. also suppliers of war equipment.


In 1845, Raget Abys partnered with Alfred Escher to acquire interests in banking and insurance, health care, education, transportation, politics and justice, and more. They also talked about creating a better world. For himself that is. Do you recognize the similarities with the Protocols I wrote about yesterday?

So this is where the ancestors of fauci, the Abys family, and swab, the Escher family, come together. Somewhere I came across that those two are also related to each other, but I have not been able to find conclusive proof of that. In any case, they are good acquaintances. But the funny thing is that I couldn't find a picture of fauci and schwab together anywhere. While schwab is in the picture with everyone in the whole world, who is or can be of any importance.


The World Economic Forum, founded in 1971 by Klaus Schwab, is a rallying point for the biggest criminals worldwide. They rule the world their way. Schwab's 2 children also 'work' for the weaver. Wef is nothing more than an organized crime guild for the Pilgrims Society.


Since its inception, wef has been closely associated with the British-American Pilgrims Society, led by the Rockefeller Foundation, Otto von Habsburg, IBM (link to gates), Henry Alfred Kissinger, John Kenneth Galbraith, Paul Adolph Volcker, and other globalist 'new world order' peddlers from Harvard, Yale, Oxford, Cambridge and the London School of Economics.


The British Pilgrims Society plays a major role in the gathering of these and many other dark figures. The Institute has a long history of warfare and experimentation with drugs, viruses and vaccines and is affiliated with The Pirbright Institute which was founded by fauci, gates and the who, in which these experiments are now continued.



The Coronavirus patent is held by the British company The Pirbright Institute.

Pilbright has a secret vaccine partner—Merial—who built a vaccine plant just 220 miles from Wuhan, China

Its former name as The Institute for Animal Health



They use the media to tell lies, to fool and pacify the public, to keep the average citizen ignorant of their criminal acts and also to haughtily 'create public opinion'.

The annual meeting in Davos of all captains of industry, politicians, members of royal houses is nothing more than a criminal insider trading syndicate and must be dismantled. Their conspirators must be prosecuted worldwide for the great damage they have done to human civilization.


What about gates? Isn't he a protagonist?

Yes, but I'm not going to talk about bill gates here. So much has been said and written about that and I think that almost everyone who is a bit awake already realizes that he is also a devil person.


This tangle of self-proclaimed rulers who want to rule the world is so complicated. There are so many lines intertwined, but my article yesterday and this article covered quite a few key players. In the 2nd echelon there are many more people involved. Think of royal houses, politicians, lodges of Freemasons and groups such as Bilderberg and the Club of Rome.

However, those who really pull the strings and are really aware of all the shady plans are few and far between. The rest operate on a 'need to know basis'.


You may think that these conspiracy theories are all very far fetched. The whole story and this pandemic hoax is so incredibly complex that it is actually hard to comprehend. However, to gain some sense of the fact that something is going on, that something is not right, you only need to ask yourself the following:


Why should the mRNA and trans vaccines, which are approved for research use, be injected into all people in the world? If we do research, then we do it with a small part of the population and not with everyone, right?


Just thinking about this is enough reason to become very suspicious about what is going on.


Thanks to Gladiator for info on fauci and schwab!



Conspiracy theory

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