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The Ministry of Truth


1984, that year we have seen frequently in the critical media lately.

For the readers who cannot indicate the meaning of that year, a short explanation.

The English writer George Orwel wrote a book in 1949 in which he wrote a future perspective of a government that would have the people in full grip and under control.


The government determines what people are allowed to do, where and when they can go somewhere, with whom they can have contact and even what people are allowed to think. Fear and mass control got people to do exactly what was asked of them.


One of the ministries was The ministry of truth (the Ministry of Truth). This ministry had to make sure that everything that was published was fully in line with the vision and policy of the government and that everything that was predicted would turn out exactly like that. To this end, information was adjusted retroactively.

Recognizable????    No? Read on.

The book is called Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984) and until recently was in the bookshop at the 'Fiction' department.

In 2020 the book is at the 'Documentary' department and it will soon be banned.


CommonSenseTV has been censored away from YouTube a while ago.

Rob Jensen has taken his precautions and only posts short clips with a reference to his website. The Long March has been censored away and Café Weltschmertz has received its latest warning and a 2-week publication ban. So it is only a matter of a few weeks until this quality channel is also definitively eliminated. Blue Tiger Studio will also be waiting for this fate. Blue Tiger Studio and Café Weltschmertz are known for their good interviews with specialists in various fields who come up with well-founded arguments, evidence and opinions. Arguments, evidence and opinions that are sometimes inconsistent with government policy.

A fierce information war is underway. Now it is still the case that it is the pressure of the governments that is being carried out on the social media companies to censor. But censorship will soon become law. All statements and publications that are not in accordance with the policy of the authorities and of certain institutions are simply prohibited.

Correct retroactively:

Danny posted an article on 5 October in which Peter Grootswagers' telephone conversation with RIVM was discussed. If you haven't heard the phone call before, well worth a listen. (footnote 1)

Peter posted a video of his conversation on social media on September 28 and that video was shared and viewed en masse. The RIVM and the mainstream media were there to deny that this conversation had really taken place with the corona information number of the national government. Following this, Peter made another video on September 29 containing the call history of his telephone and provided rock-solid evidence that the call had taken place.

This video also ended up at RIVM via CommonSenseTV.

And then the men of the Ministry of Truth took action. They forced T-Mobile, Peter's carrier, to delete this call from its call history and ensure that this call would not appear on his statement invoice.

In the Saturday edition of the Volkskrant (you know, that 'quality newspaper' of which the editor-in-chief thinks that 'we' should all support government policy and should not express any other opinions (see footnote 2)) then a column appeared in which Peter Grootswagers was called a fantasist and a liar. Other media also paid attention to it and Peter wanted to prove himself once again. But unfortunately… .. The Ministry of Truth had already done its job.

After a lot of phone calls and e-mails, Peter finally managed to get the truth back on the table at T-mobile.

Café Weltschmertz and Blue Tiger Studio both conducted and published an extensive interview with Peter last week, but in my opinion they easily ignored the fact that the government even goes so far as to have a telephone call deleted from the bell history.

And all that, ladies and gentlemen, for YOUR health. Because that's what it's all about!

Is it the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, is it The Great Reset, The Fourth Industrial Revolution, Orwell's 1984, the UN Goals, Agenda 2030 that is at the root of everything that is happening to us now… ..?

It doesn't matter what it's based on, but everything that happens around the corona hoax is part of a carefully thought out and painstakingly orchestrated plan in which the government leaders are just pawns.

footnote 1

RIVM admits: There is nothing wrong and corona is not a threat

footnote 2

Column - Collateral Damage

The videos of Café Weltschmertz and Blue Tiger Studio:

Revealing telephone conversation with RIVM. Fiona Zwart with Peter Grootwagers and Ferdinand van der Neut.






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