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The most deleted documentary of the moment!

The most deleted documentary of the moment!

The most deleted documentary of the moment: Corona in search of the Truth.

(You can activate the Dutch subtitles by clicking CC at the bottom right of the video)  


Professor dr. Martin Haditsch is an Austrian microbiologist and infectiologist who traveled halfway around the world for a documentary that will go down in history as important. For example, he interviewed the following celebrities about the crisis that has gripped the entire world for more than a year.

  • dr. Pierre Kory – IC doctor and researcher in New York

  • Professor dr. Michael Levitt – Nobel laureate Stanford University

  • Professor dr. Roland Wiesendanger – University of Hamburg

  • Professor dr. Klaus Stohr – Virologist and Epidemiologist

  • Professor dr. Klaus Puschel – court doctor

  • Professor dr. Kurt Zatloukal – Director of the Research Institute for Pathology & Microbiology in Graz.

  • dr. Thomas Lyo – leads the largest hospital chain in Thailand in the fight against the Pandemic and is a trusted person of the Dalai Lama

  • Professor Marco Confalonieric – Head of the Cattinara Long specialized hospital in Triest

Removed by Youtube

Corona: Auf der Suche nach der Wahrheid ie Crown: Looking for the truth is the title of the high-end documentary that program maker Flavio Pasquino last week was sent via telegram. He opened the link, looked at it for a few minutes, and ran to his computer to get the impressive documentary back as soon as possible. And you guessed it…the documentary was removed by YT less than an hour later.

A must see

“Corona Auf der Suche nach der Wahrheid is such a film that you must see” Flavio Pasquino opens the promotional video on Youtube which stops after a few minutes and refers to the link in this message.

The documentary is very suitable for sharing with people who do not yet see what many of us do.

BLCKBX translated the video into Dutch and English by a native German translator and hosted it outside of Youtube.

So we would like to ask you to really take the time for it.

The video lasts 1.5 hours but the documentary is rock solid and for some it is even enjoyable.

And enjoying is quite a strange term for the confrontational facts that also come to light in this documentary, but, as Flavio Pasquino concludes in the announcement:
“It's still nicer to know the painful truth than to muddle through the fog of ignorance.”


Flavio Pasquino indicates that this can be shared freely.


This is going too far! Police: "Why are you offering a platform to dissenters?"


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