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The musical chairs

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The musical chairs

Wednesday March 17, 2021.Second chamber elections.
The day on which the unsuspecting Dutch chose for their downfall.
Having said this, my confidence in fellow citizens has fallen. Because some do not yet see the seriousness of the situation and just party. As it looks now, we will never lose the Corona again. Variants of the virus will keep popping up and they can re-infect. So vaccinating makes little or no sense. If a vaccinated person can no longer get corona themselves, he / she is still susceptible to contracting Corona and is infectious to others. It can hang on his clothes or hands.


Thoms Wick - Muzzled by the Government.

If you also have a government that is stacking wrong after wrong and destroying the economy and the entire country and at the same time allowing refugees to flow in, then you understand that there is little hope for the future. This Government is destroying the new generation and killing the old generation. The New World Order. It would be a good way to reduce the world's population. So fellow citizens choose the recovery or the downfall of the Netherlands.

The curfew must be lifted immediately, the preliminary relief judge in The Hague concluded on Tuesday. The curfew was introduced on the basis of an emergency law, but according to the court the curfew does not meet the required “urgent interest”. If the government doesn't obey the law, why would the citizens do so? Shouldn't the entire justice system even be replaced? When we speak of a New World Order, it is the turn of Government and Justice first.

Mark Rutte, it is your personal fault that we as a population suffer from the Corona virus. As a Narcissist you cannot understand that, but you are partly responsible for the destruction of the economy. You are the cause of the infections and the deaths. You are chasing people in a heap and you have brought the Netherlands and the economy into rat mode.

Unworthy of a VVD. A party that kills its own interests. How dumb do you have to be? Maybe you should release the trapped mob again? Then we are at least rid of the home infections and I have never heard of open air infections. that comes from your tube.

You should take an example from history and know that those in power always end badly. It is your fault to take a political spin from the Corona to force the Netherlands to the World Economic Forum's new order, but I can assure you that you will go on record. The fall of your cabinet is the precursor to your failure.

Thomas Wick.

Photo: Muzzled by the Government.


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