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De Fabeltjeskrant - With Arjen Lubach

Last Sunday, the whole of the Netherlands probably watched Arjen Lubach's Fabeltjeslap, either live or later via social media.

Now everything has to be fooled and satire is fun, it can put things into perspective and it is humor. If you yourself are the subject of satire, it may be hard, but you have to be able to handle it. Especially if you have an opinion or a well-known personality who also likes to talk and is critical.

The format of Arjen Lubach's show makes it really easy to ridicule everything. You take the right short images, often you also grab a number of people who have them in a row but as soon as they suddenly see a microphone or a camera in front of them, they are unable to express themselves so well what they think and believe and what not. And that produces hilarious scenes.

You could also turn it around and make a lovely satire about the mainstream media. You can ridicule everything with a little creativity.

Or you could easily do that about the corona policy.

Put the 2 deadly serious faces of Mark Rutte and Hugo de Jonge together, then stick the graphs to corona deaths next to them, shows that 50% of all catering businesses in the country have just gone bankrupt because they are forced to close their business due to a virus that did not cause any excess mortality this year and from which yesterday 1 heart patient in his 80s died, and you have a hilarious broadcast.

You don't make it up but it happens. Then add the official RIVM chart, which shows that the catering industry is at the bottom of the list where “infections” occur and you will not laugh at all.

Or a curfew. Hilarious! Because around 22 p.m. the killer virus seems to wake up and infect us all. And the biggest joke, yes really, the judges approve! An alcohol ban… It looks like the Second World War, doesn't it? Remove corona and we live in a fascist country. For a virus with a mortality rate of 00% and 0,13%. under 0,05 years of age. Think for a moment.

Well… there is a whole list of inspiration for your next broadcast.

One more then ...

Mouth caps! Haha. Yes you can fill a show about that too. It even says on the box that those things don't work. And yes yes… people put them on! In fact, they are going to make them mandatory and we allow it. What a joke.

And although our own Minister says that they serve to influence behavior and have no medical purpose… you can already feel it coming… they continue to put them on, Arjen! Children no longer get sunlight on their cheeks. They continuously breathe their own breath. They get stuffy. They don't build up resistance. You can't stop laughing! And parents, gullible parents who watch programs like Lubach on Sunday, put them on voluntarily with their children too! Is that just a conspiracy!

You can make some nice shows out of that, man. They are unhealthy, don't work, are life-threatening for our immune system and they just work! 


Now we were not directly addressed by Arjen, but a number of people and programs passed by who wrongly demonized Arjen in a nauseating way.

I will not deny that there are people who see a conspiracy in everything (incidentally, the word conspiracy is so misinterpreted, but that another time) just as there really are people who think that the mainstream media is not one-sided, have no interests and always tell the truth.

Or that the Telegraph is really the watchdog of the citizens, as it should be. That would be hilarious to think.

Just use the search function on our site for fake news and framing. We will always substantiate it.

Here… one from yesterday… Laughing boy! They are about corpses!

Massive media framing about "corona dead" influencer Dmitriy Stuzhuk


My conclusion is unfortunately ... Arjen Lubach is dangerous.

Why dangerous? He puts a group of people here, peace-loving people, as if they were dangerous idiots.

Not only the few that he has cut out wonderfully selectively here, but a very large critical mass in the Netherlands.

The other masses, which are a bit less critical in general and go along with the "algorithm" of the media, he feeds here with hatred against these people. That's why I call Arjen dangerous.

I have seen him in a program, can't remember which program very well, but he indicated that he would like to express his own opinion in a program. I don't think Arjen Lubach is a stupid guy. On the contrary.

And then the question comes to me: Does he do this on assignment? Is he doing this because he fully supports this policy? Or does he really think that way and does he indeed live in a very small narrow-minded world in which he wants to frame others? Like I said, I don't think he's dumb. That is why I arrive at dangerous.

When you see so much injustice for 20 minutes, you want to say something about it.

I have extracted a number of fragments.

About YouTube


Great fun with that dog. But just about YouTube.

If people want to get to know Donald Trump, they have to be everywhere except the media.

This needs no explanation. Trump is wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong throughout the Western media. We don't know about the man. Never once is a full speech by the foremost ELECTED President of the world broadcast. Nothing. Only cut fragments that always, without exception, give a negative image of the man.

Arjen does not like him either, that is clear and if all States in the US turn red (Republican) this year, Trump will still be bad and all of America idiot. But America is a glimpse into the future.

How can you get to know such a man?

Then you go to YouTube or another channel where people can see everything. That way everyone has a good idea of ​​the man and only then can really have an opinion about Donald Trump.

And even then you don't have to like him, but because I believe that deep down in the Dutch there is that common farmer sense that we were so famous for, I dare say that there are a lot of Dutch people behind this man.



People trapped because the alternative media just wants to sell ads? Then you have to be very tall and then ...

You don't see them here because we have a principle and do not want to fill multinationals. And many who want to bring genuine news and inform the people have that same principle. You don't always get out among those tech companies, but you do as much as possible.

Most people who get up and see that something is not right at all, what is happening now, often give up everything to start a YouTube channel or a website, for example. 

Before you do that, and especially if you are not famous, you really scratch yourself 3 times to see if you want to do it because you put in everything for it and you get a lot of work and stress around your ears.

You will be without income. YouTube dismisses most of these platforms for revenue, and once you put commercials between your videos, you must have built up a lot of audience to earn anything worth mentioning. In our case, everything has only cost money, time and energy and just when we finally got to put some commercials on YouTube, we were thrown off it a month later. Reason? Most strikes are because of violating WHO guidelines. You are therefore not allowed to give your opinion about Corona.

Or a copyright claim by the NPO about a children's song that you post and that you do not agree with. (source)




Those algorithms are there. YouTube and Google adapt to your surfing behavior.

Just like people who go in a different direction in terms of search, the most suitable results will also be displayed for them. It is up to the person's mind to see this, know and deal with it. Most people from “our corner” are very aware of this and really look at other content to continue to reflect their own opinion.

What is also the case, and that Arjen Lubach does not mention (later a bit about the censorship that he apparently still seems to approve, also because it is not his opinion), is that Twitter, Facebook and YouTube censor hard and have a political agenda. to twist. This has been known for so long and there are so many examples and hearings to be found.

Most recently, an article from the New York Post reveals and censored Biden family corruption on Twitter. Furthermore, Facebook censors the entire campaign of the Republicans (Trump of course). You don't mention that.

Some Republicans' accounts were banned. Just by posting the link to the article. (source)

Nobody in the Netherlands knows this because we are kept stupid through the media and you. But it is commonplace there in the US. Only when you start looking for yourself will you encounter reality.

So who is Arjen Lubach to say that all these people are falling for an algorithm because of a few people who make money from ads? If people only knew what is happening that the media and Lubach are keeping from us here, then his show (and the Public Broadcasting) will be over.

That will come, only it will take a while. People like Arjen, the media and politicians try to stop a natural process. Namely that in this digital era, people can search for themselves and acquire a wealth of knowledge through the internet. It is exactly the reason that we are suddenly suppressed at speed and all kinds of laws and regulations are made because in 5 years no dog will fall for this anymore. Their only chance is to create a generation of fear and that's why they come for our children. Thus, possibly a next generation would not know any better.

But common sense doesn't stop you. All these people and powers create is an awful lot of unnecessary misery and an ever-growing bill that they have to pay later because of the blood that sticks to their hands.

So Arjen, you can make another broadcast about that.



"This is not a small group of crazy people, but one in six Dutch people think so."

Well Arjen, I can tell you. That number is slightly higher and that group is only getting bigger. It goes more to about 40 percent and then a reasonable part that feels that something is wrong, but realizes that we are living in the biggest scam of all time here. The bad luck is that well-meaning people will not organize themselves so quickly to oppose this. And you are trying to demonize those people here.

Here you select very selectively a number of fragments from, among others, Lange Frans, Sven Hulleman and Café Weltschmerz, which are very diverse and where different guests talk about all kinds of subjects and even let each other finish so that we can do something with the information.

And yes, everything can be discussed. Satanism too. Never followed the Epstein case? Ah… through the media of course. No, I mean really followed? So really looking up information about that man? Or about a Demmink? Why do you underestimate the citizens so much? I can only come up with the same answer: You are dangerous.

It is a conspiracy to think the media is fair. They are not. They are corrupt through and through. And because there is so much evidence for it, more and more people are seeing it. That is quite simple. And those are not just crazy.

These are people who understand them very well and who can think critically themselves and who do not take everything as true. But also don't just go along with some theory. I can tell you that if we put up a nonsense story here, we will be burned down by the rank and file. Whatever it is about. And after 2 or 3 times you can shut up and go.



Apart from the clique that we always see in the media, the majority of doctors and scientists are now in agreement that this policy has nothing to do with corona anymore. It is not for nothing that thousands of doctors, experts and scientists worldwide gather and stand up against this injustice. Against this tyranny. This is because they have taken an oath and a conscience.

The fact that the media does not pay attention to this and you also ridicule this without substantiation, drives people madness.

The American CDC comes up with these numbers and doctors stand up. (source) (source)

The PCR test indeed turns out to be worthless. 89% -95% give a false positive and the others a false negative. So reliability 0%. The virus is also still not physically isolated.

Then you can ridicule that, but there are now a lot of experts who claim this and a lot of authorities that come out with this. Then what does a normal media do? He reports on this and you have a discussion about something very important.

But that does not happen! People are put aside. There is no listening. There is no room for other opinions and insights. As dangerous Arjen emphasizes, they are crazy. You don't treat people like that, Arjen!


Bah: "This is just a covert threat .."

Do I support violence then? No of course not. Nobody! But people are waking up. People see what is happening. People do not go along with algorithms and the other theories that you propose here. People think for themselves and look for themselves. People are increasingly able to distinguish fact from fiction. And if they don't see that, they look even further until it becomes clear.

At the moment there are millions of people in the Netherlands at home who are so incredibly angry, frustrated and hopeless because they see what is happening to our country, but also what they are experiencing themselves.

And this press in this hell that we have had to endure and which is getting bigger and bigger? Critical questions? Nothing!

Put some real sincere journalists in there and we wouldn't have had this misery.

Then you can say pathetic and brisk walking here that this provokes pure violence. No, these are people who still remain in control but let them know that there will come a moment when people are fed up with it. If I take everything away from you and hit you in the face 10 times, there will come a point when you hit back.

The same goes for the media. We want to see all sides of the story. Because we are looking for ourselves and we see that people are being cheated and only get to see one side of the story. Namely their side. Your side, because you are part of this corrupt media.

Can't you really see it? Or do you think people will stay crazy in this information age where all knowledge is available and you can keep going with this circus forever?

The same goes for the police. Most citizens have always called for more police officers on the street, including more powers. Also that they can use appropriate force. But professional. A good police officer is someone you seek protection from and who makes you feel safe and not people who simply misbehave towards the population in some cities and intimidate people unprofessional and agitated. Because no violence is used by these people.

This is also a structural problem for the police that will lie with the managers and the whole setup. The police officer, Uncle Cop, no longer exists.

And then here in the Netherlands we can still be happy that we are such a civilized people because in Prague they do it like this:

I had more images but we'll just stop here. It is clear. 

Someone once told me that it is best to place long columns or pieces in 3 parts, but I don't really feel like a 3-part about Arjen Lubach.

Oh yes, about QAnon. There is indeed a conspiracy theory about that and there is a story behind it.

But most of what the media and you don't realize is Q followers that you spot, you are trolling so hard, day after day again.

And you keep nipping and don't realize it. Every time one talks about it danger from QAnon tens of thousands of people worldwide are crooked with laughter and wish you the best of luck in finding the invisible enemy. Think about that and wonder who is worldly and who is not. Who are the fools and who are not.

A large number of people in the Netherlands would be able to show people all sides of the story.

If you, or the media, or politics, once had the balls to invite people like this, then you are a man and the people can decide for themselves what they think of it.

But Rutte does not, the media does not (or they select a candidate very consciously) and neither do you. And then say at the end of your program that these algorithms are to blame and create crazy ones who could use violence ... Sick shit man.

Satire, fine. But this broadcast had nothing to do with that.

Oh and… a little bit about Bill Gates… Like that's a conspiracy?

How on earth can you think that Bill Gates is not behind the (mandatory) vaccination? That is big business. Do not act so stupid! He says it himself and you argue.

Bill Gates: "But, for the world at large, normalcy only returns when we largely vaccinated the entire global population ..."
FT April 9, 2020 / Source: (19:24 - 19:33 - 9 April 2020)

And that Bill Gates is not working on (nano) chips for implementation? The plans are fully rolled out on the internet. It is not even mysterious about it. The internet is full of them and they are its own statements. Or just view the official documents or texts from the official websites. Are you actually coming from your algorithm? Do you know the documents with the EU plans? No, because you will not be on the sites that reveal that.

And you're going to be the clown here by calling people who mistrust Bill Gates crazy?

I liked you, although you have a completely different opinion. I accept that. I do. It will fascinate you. I'm just a strange citizen. But I think there are a lot of people who think something like this. Much more than you think.

Do you know who the new terrorists will be in the Netherlands? Not BLM or Antifa. No. We who seek the truth and reclaim an ordinary normal life based on common sense, rationality, reason and peace are anything but terrorists. But thanks to you, Arjen, we will be put down like this.

In and in sick how you, without solid substantiation, are breeding polarization. Bah! Shame on you!

Here's something to read… Refute it. Welcome to the real world. True infanticide does exist and the WHO and the EU promote child masturbation.

We are the intermediary, the official documents are in the articles.

Here are a few more. Maybe nice for your next broadcasts.

That silly one, right? The Netherlands desperately needs them to save this country from destruction. Harder than Sunday with Lubach.

Really sincere news!

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