The Netherlands is leaving the EU and Nexit is a fact

And that on Election Day!

At least, according to Mario Draghi the old boss of the European Central Bank and now a banker, economist and Prime Minister of Italy.

"We shall see.", Mario said.

Draghi has through "A member of the Dutch parliament" heard that the Netherlands will soon be leaving the European Bloc.


Mario Draghi - Former ECB boss


hugo? Mark? Do you want your capital letters back?

The newspaper also writes:

“The elections in the Netherlands seem to be a referendum on the government's approach to the coronavirus pandemic.

Incumbent Prime Minister Mark Rutte and his center-right People's Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD) are expected to win a fourth term in office.

Opinion polls show that the VVD is leading the way. Followed by the right-wing, nationalist Freedom Party, led by controversial Geert Wilders. ”

Well, we get the guilder back and we live happily ever after without the monsters that want to take over our country.


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