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The Netherlands NO intentions to stop migration - More, more, more!

It is becoming increasingly clear that the Netherlands has absolutely no intention of halting or even reducing migration.

In Limburg, more than 1.500 new places are needed this year for the reception of migrants.

This is solved by the COA that confiscates event halls to allow migrants to sleep. No, not to put them to sleep.

And our 19.000 oldies waiting for a decent place?

No… migrants!  

And we can see how well they are for us by the beautiful images at the borders in Greece, for example. The migrants who want to come to Western Europe fall literally the country.

Immigrants want Allah Akbar calling across the border of Greece:

The 31 Limburg municipalities were asked to let them know before March 18 what the (im) possibilities are in their municipality.

That includes it Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers (COA), the province, municipalities and the two security regions.

In a letter signed by the mayor Annemarie Penn van Maastricht as chairman of the management table and governor Theo Bovens as King's Commissioner and co-chairman, it is pointed out that this year there is a need for approximately 2.500 MORE reception places in LIMBURG than previously expected.

Because the responsible minister Ankie Broekers Knol (VVD) who wants to distribute evenly across all twelve provinces of the Netherlands, this means that EXTRA reception places must be realized in Limburg before 1 April, the letter states.

There are three reasons in the letter for the need for additional reception places:

First, there is one ELEVATION of the number of asylum seekers coming to the Netherlands.

Secondly, not all asylum applications are processed within the set time limits, which means that asylum seekers LONGER remain in reception pending a decision. 

And finally, it takes longer for recognized asylum seekers to get one HOUSE able to move in due to the shortage on the housing market. "As a result, the locations that are in operation become full", Penn and Bovens report.

Limburg currently has ZES asylum seeker centers.

They are located in Baexem, Echt, Heerlen, Maastricht, Weert and Sweikhuizen. In total are in Limburg now 3.000 people sheltered in asylum seekers' centers.

On March 26 it will be decided who and what has to make way this time to make room for one new load of asylum seekers. More, more, more!

In Friesland, too, the COA is in discussions with several municipalities to be able to park 1.800 immigrants.

There is simply no place anywhere else, so it has been decided from now on to accommodate asylum seekers in large event halls.

Like in the Frisian Hall, in which the WTC EXPO emergency beds are placed so that the migrant pearls 'not having to sleep on the street', according to the COA.

The COA says it will soon be looking for a home for another 5.000 additional migrants. More, more, more!

These numbers are on top of the already established quota.

Fleur Agema of the PVV tweets that she thinks it is JAMMER that the Province is now calling for the urgent realization of 19.000 reception places for the very old !!

Fleur Agema makes painfully visible how things are going. The 19.000 elderly people can shake it and die somewhere else. Written off.

See here the shrill contrast of people for whom we do make an exception to exception. (we also give them free Yoga lessons, by the way.)

Here migrants are standing in front of the Greek gate and EISEN is forcefully opening the border.

Anyone who thinks that these are not the kind of migrants that we are home to in the Netherlands should really go and guess at themselves, or be awakened from this denial phase.

All worldwide official figures show that when you bring in a group of migrants, a substantial percentage will cause violence, crime and fatalities.

Despite this fact, people consciously accept this. They have to. It's called globalism.

Migrants to Leeuwarden:

Migrants to Limburg:


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