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Netherlands Kutland? Well no! However?

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Seventy percent of the Dutch think our country is a Kutland, Johan Derksen breathed it out of the screens. But is that so?

We are a very hospitable and tolerant country. All kinds of foreigners are welcome here. Those who have exhausted all legal remedies are given the opportunity to hide in anonymity.
But multinationals are also welcome here to avoid tax in their own country. They are welcome here with a simple letterbox. For a pittance they 'spice up' our treasury a little to save billions 'at home'. For them we are a sunny banana country. Even the foremen of The Stones and U2 come here to pay a tax tip
And we're fine with it.

We are also tolerant. People who demonstrably abuse children are kept out of the wind here. Editors in chief (Gaykrant and Panorama) and parliamentarians (Pieter Omtzigt and Renske Leijten) are silenced. A pedo party may exist for a period of time for constitutional reasons. Constitutional indeed, while the constitution was never drafted democratically. It is publicly known to the highest circles that small children are not safe. Large public forest areas are regularly closed to the public for hunting parties. Then game is hunted, after which the hunters can hardly spare. But…., is there only animal hunting there?
And we're fine with it.

The child pornography trade is rampant, compatriots who have become very wealthy are not averse to child trafficking. There is something very different going on than the MSM would have us believe, with the Bodegraven cesspool being one of the most recent.
And we're fine with it.

In the southern provinces in particular, capital is earned from the production of all kinds of drugs. And I'm not talking about weed, CBD and/or THC oil. White-collar crime and class justice are generally accepted, but without a rear light on the bicycle, the 'delinquent' costs money. For hooligans, the gates of stadiums in particular are opened wide, so to speak.
And we're fine with it.

We all (well, almost all) love animals, but scour the supermarkets for kilo bangers. Meat prices are still being stunted. That animals (including chickens, pigs, calves) suffer a very animal-unfriendly short life is accepted on the cheap.
And we're fine with it.

Many vote for parties that have nothing to do with democracy. What is the content of the D at VVD, CDA, D66 and FvD? The VVD also has many criminals on the brink, while the CDA cheats everyone, based on a number of wrong pages from the Old Testament. D66 has squandered its democratic crown jewels (referendum and elected mayor) and would like to rule with the VVD and the CDA. FvD participates in a wrong political system, wants power, clings to party political appointments and internally the leader states: 'Le parti: c'est moi'.
And we're fine with it.

We are decent citizens, let ourselves be filled without thinking with insufficiently tested, risky and ineffective poison. We follow the leader, praise him for his state debauchery, let us frighten and do it for the others. How hypocritical. The young people are being poked to get 'their freedom' back. It is remarkable that their thinking falters when they are asked how and by whom that freedom was taken away. People who do think are rightly called conspiracy theorists. Thinkers in other words, concerning conspiracies that seem more logical than the official lectures with secret files behind them.
We really put up with everything when it comes to our health. Corona suddenly gets the A status, as if it were a deadly combination of typhoid and cholera together. We unquestioningly believe all measures, based on faulty PCR tests. The House of Representatives agrees with everything, after the emergency law was previously introduced. We follow blindly.
If there are reports from the alternative quarter that are too controversial to believe, sources are soon asked. The msm are followed uncritically. Sources are then apparently unnecessary.
And we think everything is fine, even logical.

From the above it appears that we are not Kutland, we don't even have Kutland, because Limburg is beautiful, just like Friesland and everything in between.
We should look at and judge a large part of the population in our beautiful country: cunts who make all this possible!

Rients Hofstra


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