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Farmers must and will be destroyed!

You almost forgot: Agenda 21 !!

The Dutch government seems to be making Dutch people dependent on food from abroad, so that the Netherlands can no longer or does not want to from the EU.

Farmer Astrid dumped 6000 kilos of potatoes in front of the DEEN headquarters this weekend.

The supermarket prefers potatoes from abroad, while the Dutch barns are full.

Potato grower Astrid Francis thinks it is a rocky region that consumers are told that Dutch potatoes are no longer available.

She is very angry:

Growing potatoes costs a lot of money.

You must first buy seed potatoes.

Then you have to put it in the ground.

It costs a lot of CO2 and a lot of fuel and a lot of energy and then the potatoes remain and are then destroyed.

The cows also have enough, so there is nothing more with those potatoes.

And the government says:

Here you have a tip.

Then you just won't go bankrupt. '

And you do it with that ...

Meanwhile, we import mountains of potatoes from abroad!

I would like to warn the Dutch consumer:

Don't be fooled that there are no more Dutch products.

There are indeed.

Sanding full.

But the Dutch government prefers to get potatoes from Israel.

For a lot of money and a lot of CO2 emissions. '

Many customers support Astrid and call for a boycott of DEEN supermarkets:

Dutch citizens have to pay heavy taxes for CO2 emissions, but if it is convenient for the government itself, CO2 emissions will suddenly no longer matter!

Add to this that it concerns blood potatoes, grown in Palestinian territory.

And because potato plants require a lot of water while that area is very dry, the Jordan River is dammed and drained by Israel, causing other countries dependent on the Jordan River, such as Jordan, to dry up. '


Another customer says: Listen carefully, DEEN. Grab a pen and paper ...

If you are not going to put Dutch potatoes on the shelves very soon, I will NEVER buy anything from DEEN again.

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