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The New Age with Sid Lukkassen

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Sid Lukkassen is a historian/philosopher and has been a regular guest on the Café Weltschmerz YouTube channel in recent years.

Lately he can mainly be seen at Blue Tiger Studio in Groningen and he is working on his own initiative 'De Nieuwe Zuil'.

On Sid's website we read the following: The stories from the societies are collected and discussed during café meetings, lectures and presentations organized for and by the column builders.

In De NieuweTijd Live we talk freely about the political situation in the Netherlands and abroad. Sid sees that many groups in society are no longer being discussed and wants to start a conversation with De Nieuwe Zuil. In these turbulent times, there are certainly parallels to be drawn with the past.

For example, Sid sees a clear resemblance to the 50s and 60s, when there was a clear division of different groups.

Finally, we hear from Sid what his ideal future looks like, which I have been calling 'The New Age' for a few years now.

Curious about De Nieuwe Zuil? Go to the website:

They can also be followed on Twitter: & Telegram:

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