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The old world goes into the ravine

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Johannes Bloemsma of Nourishing Destiny was a guest on Radio Glacier to talk about the I-ching, the Nine Star Ki based on it, consciousness, the old world that is still very much around, the new world that is slowly manifesting itself. becomes, Yin and Yang, his experiences with Ayahuasca and 'cosmic humor'.

Stay in the now. observe. Don't hold on to structures that are falling over. Don't go against anything, because then you become what you fight against. Or, as Johannes describes it, you come into the same loop: 'If you are in that loop goes, then you become that one loop. And then you are in no way purely engaged in something new.'

To get out of the loop staying and shifting your focus to new choices and initiatives (wherever your intuition leads you) is no easy feat in a time full of change and 'Yang'. The old world will sooner or later go into the ravine, but that does not mean that the old world will surrender without a fight. The cycle we are in now (which is about the power of the people compared to the power of the government) will only end in 2024, the I-ching predicts. Or actually the ND method; a method developed by Johannes, based on a combination of the I-ching and Nine Star Ki.

To minimize the impact of the end of this tumultuous cycle, fighting the outside world is futile. You have to go in. Johannes: 'If you want things to go better around you, you have to address that mess in yourself. You can project yourself onto someone else, but there is not an inch of movement inside. But when the inner is in motion, it manifests itself fairly quickly in the outer world. Just turn off the television. Connect with people you like. Do what intuitively feels best to you. And then it is inevitable that those vibrations will come your way.'

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