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NieuweTijd Podcast - The Other Newspaper

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In this podcast, Niels Lunsing talks to Sander Compagner of De Andere Krant.


Sander is one of the initiators of the newspaper that aims to broaden the public debate and bring the other side of the news.

Niels talks to Sander about the various topics that he discusses with the newspaper and why he started this initiative.

On Saturday, July 18, a new edition entitled “COVID-1984” will be released in which the famous novel by George Orwell is central.

The draconian measures taken to tackle the coronavirus are paving the way for a police state. In the science fiction novel by Orwell, a police state is already enforced and people live unfree and under heavy control.

The Other Newspaper shows a different story that is hardly told by the mainstream media. For all people who are curious and want to stay well informed, highly recommended!

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