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Mark Rutte's contempt and manipulation: "People don't understand anything about it!"

"PCR testing, that's the jargon that no one else understands, I think!"

Rutte said. The man who has no idea what the corona mortality rate is. Thierry Baudet recently asked him. The man had no idea. Simply because it doesn't matter to him. Even though people are rising from the death of Corona, the measures MUST continue.

Van Haga is urging Mark Rutte and Hugo de Jonge for the umpteenth time that they should stop calling positive PCR results “infections”.

This deliberate choice of words makes half the Netherlands terrified and terrified and it makes the other half, who have been informed, white-hot with anger.

Because the media is taking over this and that is how we unfairly talk about infections and contagious people throughout the Netherlands.

Listen carefully to Mark Rutte's reaction at the end of this short video:

"They don't understand that!"

Mark Rutte knows but continues to deliberately talk about infections instead of PCR positives.

"Because they don't get it anyway."

The damage and impact that this small twist of words has on the Netherlands is enormous. People feel that the whole country is full of infected people. The fake media is only too happy to take over this. Nice cards with big red dots where the “infections” are the worst ...

For this alone, he would have to resign and answer.

This is deception. This is unfairly instilling fear. This is lying. This is intentionally polarizing the country.

The last words again (shorter version) ...



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