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I recently read a book in which data collection played a major role.

Data stored somewhere about anything you can think of. This data is collected by so-called data miners, data collectors. At first, most people think of commercial collectors like Google, FB, YouTube and more from similar companies operating above the law. They collect data for financial gain by reselling it. A well-known form is the advertisements that you see on a website. You have looked at a new X brand car and suddenly X brand advertisements appear on other sites you visit.

Data collection by the state
But you may also remember the riot surrounding the fact that the State wanted to make use of data collected by commercial data miners. In 2019 this discussion took place around WhatsApp. And Apple was also pressured by the government to share information they have about Mac users with them.
Of course the government screens with all kinds of fallacies. For example, preventing terrorism. I would think that the State has sufficient reason to first wipe its own sidewalk, given the terror they waged in the past year. A terror that will not abate in the months if not years to come.
Tracking down criminals is another fallacy. Especially the serious criminals. Let's hope that includes white collar crime. Unfortunately, all this data collection hardly leads to an increase in the resolution rate of crimes. In 2018 this was slightly higher than 25%. According to the police themselves. The police does count themselves rich by the way. When a frequent offender (for example shoplifting) is caught, they also count unresolved shoplifting in that area for convenience. That's good for the statistics, isn't it?
However, the government has only one real reason for wanting to have all that data; power. Because knowledge is power.

Annoying to read
Many people say they have nothing to hide. How naive can you be? Just ask such a person what he earns and how much he has in the bank. You will not get an answer to that. Strange right?
The list you will see is tedious to read. Annoying in two ways. The list is 'quite' long. And secondly, it is annoying to see to what extent Big Brother is watching you. Anonymous faces control your data and we have to trust that this data will not be misused.
I'm almost certain that all those naive people will also be shocked by the list below. For the record, the list has even been shortened considerably ...

Information that the State of DDR Nederlanden collects about you

–Name / Cover names and screen names / Aliases
-Citizen service number
-Current adress
–Satellite image current address
- Previous addresses
- Ethnicity
- Descent
-Country of origin
–Signal / salient features

Biometric data
–Retina scan
–Iris scan
–Gait pattern
–Face scan
–Voting pattern
–Tissue samples
–Medical History

 Links with political parties
Professional organizations
Student associations
Religious ties

Military service
- Service / dismissal
- Defense evaluation
–Weapons training

–Public Broadcasting / Public Radio

Psychological / psychiatric history
MyersBriggs personality profile
Sexual orientation
Hobbies / interests
Associations and clubs
Network subject
Marriage partners
Intimate relationships
Brothers and sisters
Grandparents (paternal side)
Grandparents (maternal side)
Other relatives, alive
Other relatives, deceased
Married relatives

Neighbors, colleagues and clients
–Current, past 5 years

–Personally, via the internet, other parties involved

- Profession - current
–Salary history
- Days of absence / reasons for absence
- Dismissal / benefits
- Honorable mentions / reprimands
–Cases of discrimination
- Occupational health and safety incidents

Profession - past
–Salary history
- Days of absence / reasons for absence
- Dismissal / benefits
- Honorable mentions / reprimands
–Cases of discrimination
- Occupational health and safety incidents

Income - current and past
- Reported to the Tax Authorities
-Do not give up

Assets - current
–Vehicles and boats
–Bank balances / securities
- Insurance policies

Assets - past 12 months and 5 years, unusual expense / income
–Vehicles and boats
–Bank balances / securities
- Insurance policies

Credit situation / assessment

Domestic and international financial transactions
–Today, last 7 and 30 days, 1 and 5 years

Phone numbers - current, last year / five years
–Mobile, landline and satellite and pager
–Incoming / outgoing 0 p these numbers last 7 and 30 days, 1 year
–Taps / Interception
–Telephone activities, web-based

–Internet providers - current, last year / 5 years
–Favorite sites / bookmarks
E-mail addresses
–Current and past
Email activities last year / five years
–TC / PIP history
- Outgoing and incoming addresses
- Content (may require judicial authorization)
Websites - current and past 5 years
-In person
- Professional

Blogs, life logs, websites
–Memberships network sites (mySpace, Facebook, OurWorld, others)
–Avatars / Other Characters Online
–Mailing lists
- Buddies on email accounts
–Participation in chat rooms
–Browsing and search engines search terms / results
–Profile keyboard technique
- Profile grammar, syntax and punctuation search engines
–Internet buying behavior history
- Mailboxes
- Activities express / registered / insured shipping

Lifestyle pursuits
Purchases - today, last 7 and 30 days and year
–Threat-oriented articles / commodities
–Vehicles and related
-Food products
–Alcoholic beverage
- Household items

Books / magazines, via the Internet, point of sale, library
- Suspicious / subversive
–Other relevant
–Other library activities

Guest books marriage / birth / wedding anniversaries
Cinema attendance
Cable / pay TV shows - last 30 days and 1 year
Subscriptions for radio stations

- By car, own transport, rental car, public transport, taxi / limousine, bus, plane, domestic and international company
–By plane, private: domestic and international
–Safety checks
- Forbidden to fly

Presence at relevant locations in the Netherlands and abroad
–Local, mosques, other locations

Presence in or transit through Red Flag Locations:
Cuba, Uganda, Libya, South Yemen, Liberia, Ghana, Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Indonesia, Palestinian Territories, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Pakistan, Eritrea, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Somalia, Sudan , Nigeria, Philippines, North Korea, Azerbaijan, Chile

Geographic positioning of subject
GPS equipment: today, last 7 and 30 days and year
–In vehicles, handhelds, cell phones

Biometric observations
–Today, last 7 and 30 days and year
RFID alerts, independent of highway toll scans
–Today, last 7 and 30 days and year
RFID alerts, highway toll scans
–Today, last 7 and 30 days and year

Photos / video
Traffic violations, surveillance cameras, warrants and secondary observations

Personal financial transactions
–Today, last 7 and 30 days and year
Mobile phone / PDA / telecommunication
–Today, last 7 and 30 days and year
Proximity to safety targets
–Today, last 7 and 30 days and year

–Criminal past - at home / abroad
- Detention / questioning
- Arrests
–Lists of wanted persons
–Civil processes
–Street / contact prohibitions
- Whistleblower activities

Military intelligence services
–Land Forces
–Air Force
–Corps of Marines
- Intelligence services and police

Threat / security risk assessment
–Private sector
-Public sector

Deep-rooted distrust
I sincerely hope you will be as shocked after reading this list as I was. Literally all of your activities from you into the world to entering your grave are recorded by the state. And if you think this is bullshit, unfortunately, it isn't. In fact, Rutte and his companions are making a law that is commonly referred to as SuperSyri. This is the successor to the Syria law. This law was dropped by the judge after Privacy First filed a lawsuit against that law. The judge drew a big line in the sand. This law, Syria, and future similar laws fundamentally violate the Constitution and have no place in our legal system, the judge said.
But as said, the State of DDR Netherlands considers itself above law and judge and is working on the SuperSyri Act. This will start working on the basis of forecasting software and the data that the state has collected about you. This prediction software will determine whether you are a potential fraudster or undeclared worker, your tendency to whistleblowing behavior, whether your profile indicates being 'creative' with your tax returns, you sympathize with groups that oppose the state and so on. Literally any potential threat, real or one devised by a grinding politician can be programmed in and unleashed on you.
The Syria law did the same, but only on social legislation and benefits. You know what a scandal that has resulted under the inspiring leadership of Rutte, including a cover-up led and orchestrated from the highest government circles.

Anyone who has opposed corona terror in any way in the past nine months has been flagged. Just like the farmers who persistently resist. Or the citizens who oppose the soot-wipe-Piet frenzy or actively oppose the terror of the BLM movement.
The state will of course deny that flags and these violations of our fundamental fundamental rights with a straight face and high and low. We have integrity and you can trust us because we are, after all, the state '. We all know what that is worth. Certainly seen in the light that the parliament (2nd and 1st Chamber) is only voting cattle that vote as the party bosses instruct them to do.

The article On cadaveric discipline and failure to control by the parliament described how the safeguarding of fundamental rights of citizens is organized. That task rests with legislative power; the government and the 2nd and 1st Chamber. But that legislature is completely controlled and manipulated by the government. It is the butcher who inspects his own meat. In addition, in the period 2013-2016, 10.000 laws, motions and amendments passed through the legislative mill. Given all the recesses of the Houses, there are no more than 200 working days per year for our MPs to deal with them all. This means that both Houses must ask themselves the question more than 16 times a day whether that law, motion or amendment affects a fundamental fundamental right and, in addition, has the duty to investigate this thoroughly. And of course that does not happen or at best extremely lousy to say it carefully.

“The privacy and freedom of our citizens are curtailed by sometimes imperceptible steps. Every single step may be unimportant, but from the whole looms a society like we have never seen before; a society in which the government is allowed to penetrate the secret regions of someone's life ”, said William O'Douglas, judge Supreme Court USA. And it is no different in our police state.

I wish you wisdom
Karel Nuks


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