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The Police has become a disgrace for the Netherlands

Black page for Police Netherlands

From the start of this crazy crisis, there have been people who get up and especially want to demonstrate PEACEFUL or simply want to be together in these crazy times.

Every time there was only one party that messed things up and that was the police.

The media spins it by only showing some images of the police clashing with hooligans, so half of the Netherlands has no idea how the police “men” are misbehaving.

Well, if you act like that, you're not a man. Then you are a loser. An uncontrolled aggressive projectile. And if it were an exception… no, they are all completely rattling people together.

Take a good look at this video we received from Daniel. Is this a professional performance? No of course not. This is aggravated assault or even manslaughter.



Source video:
NN (New News)

In my view, these policemen should be prosecuted. This is a dangerous form of abuse of power. What is this about?

It is also inconceivable that these “people” are raving like that, is it? If you are a police officer, then there is nothing better than commanding respect by taking decisive action where necessary and winning the respect and trust of the citizen?

We have written about police brutality before. It may give the impression that we “hate” the police. The opposite is true. At least for me personally because I think the police should be able to act tough. WHERE APPROPRIATE!

You have to feel safe with the police, but these people are not even approachable. It's beastly.

And no politician who says anything about it. Apparently it is part of Rutte's New Normal.

And this is by no means the only incident. Just read this article:

No police? No violence! 

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